Writing Prompt!

Use this phrase in your piece: precipice of disaster

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “I told you that this was a precipice for disaster!” I yelled as I stood over the disaster that lay before me.

    “It’s not that bad,” My sister tried to soothe me. “It only has a few lumps.”

    “A few lumps, egg shells and it’s HORRIBLE!” I said

    “Come on. It may not be the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten but at least you tried to cook something today. Maybe pancakes just aren’t your niche. We could try oatmeal, or eggs.

    “Absolutely not!” My mind was made up. I would never again fail so horribly in the kitchen.

    “I’m not taking no for an answer. I’m waking you up tomorrow at 7:00 sharp, and we’re going to find something to cook whether you like it or not. You might as well chose something to make it a little more bearable.”

    “Bacon and eggs.” I mumble

    “What’s that!” My sister yelled as though she couldn’t hear me. We both knew she could.

    “I said BACON AND EGGS!”

    “Well, that’s more like it.”

    • I really enjoyed reading this! Good job showing, not telling, how the main character is feeling about her cooking disaster. 😀

  2. “Can I please touch it?”
    I shook my head. “No.”
    I glared at her. My cousin believes that the word “please” really is a magic word. If she says it, she is sure to get what she wants.
    Well, I wasn’t going to let that work here.
    “Ella, this is a very dangerous time machine.” I said, patting the metal sides. “If you accidentally start it up, it would definitely lead to a precipice of disaster.”
    “I know that it’s not real. It’s just another one of your failed “inventions,” she replied, making quotations with her fingers as she spoke the word “inventions.”
    “It’s not a failure!” My voice rose dangerously loud. “It really works!”
    Ella rolled her eyes. She crossed her arms and leaned against the machine. “Okay, then. Prove it.”
    What happened next was really just an accident. I leaned forward to meet her stony glare, and was about to shoot a smart remark back, when my elbow hit a button on the side of the machine. The machine started to make a buzzing noise, and the lights on the sides began to flash. Ella’s eyes widened, and she stumbled back from the machine in surprise. She tripped, and with a scream, fell between the sliding doors that opened into the machine. I jumped forward to grab her, but there was a flash of light and my fingers slipped through hers. Both Ella and the machine were gone.

    • This was great! It definitely had a really suspenseful air to it,and now I want to know what happened to them!

  3. Thank you very much, Pashence! Maybe I will write more. 😉

  4. Leah Fleurimond

    strolling down the rock of life
    mountains rolling
    Likewise my mind
    “Feet, take me where I want to go
    I’ve spent all these years
    fighting the current
    but now I’m letting go
    dreams, row my boat.”
    indeed, they took me to the edge
    the edge of fate
    I stared down past the ledge
    caught a glimpse of a river
    reflection pasted with fear
    I saw a glimmer of distaster
    “all or nothing,”
    my thoughts swam
    eyes circling the fish in the water
    my eyelashes flutterd closed
    my compass gave way,
    my weary heart followed
    I fell into the chasm
    chasm of risk
    precipice of disaster
    it was my choice to live

  5. Being the oldest sibling is hard work, especially when you have four other siblings. Yet it is the best gift you will ever be given. You are entrusted with the most responsibilities, which means if something goes wrong, you’re usually the one who suffers the punishment. But as your siblings grow older, they’ll start to share the same responsibilities with you. It is fun to watch the youngest ones grow and learn, and I have one baby brother that I care for. Sometimes it is a tiresome job, when you have your own problems to worry about, and when you turn around for one minute there is chaos, a precipice of disaster, a nightmare. But you then remember you are the one who is in charge and you let the others know. Sometimes they’ll listen, other times they ignore you, but no matter what happens, you should be proud of being the oldest. I know I am, and I love being the oldest, because I can watch, teach, and even give advice to my brothers and sister.

  6. I glanced around nervously. Maybe he was wrong, maybe they would not come.
    I rolled my eyes at my own naivety, yeah right. They would not give me up. I was too valuable. Too unique. Too…me.
    I rubbed my shaking arms and pulled my soft hood over my head, then dropped it back down again. There was nothing more suspicious than someone, in a hood. I did, however, keep my head down, hopefully inconspicuously enough.
    They passed by without pausing, though their heads swiveled madly. They were obviously searching for something. Or rather, someone.
    After they had distanced themselves, I lifted my head and shook out my long mane of chestnut. Pushing back the tendrils of hair that had flowed over my shoulder, I tried loosening the tension built in my muscles. Unsuccessfully, of course.
    I felt the presence of eyes hovering over me, and I quickly shaded my own. If they saw my eyes, there was no going back.
    “Excuse me miss.” A hand touched my shoulder and I instinctively spun to face them. My eyes locked on theirs and I saw the recognition flare.
    “I’m going to need you to come with me.” He commanded shortly.
    I was now officially on the precipice of disaster.

  7. This is wonderful! 🙂

  8. I squinted my eyes, searching frantically through the throngs of people roaming in all directions. Universal Studios was swarming with high school students from all over Florida. After my second crowd scan, I finally caught a glimpse of the familiar long, dark hair that belonged to my best friend. I sped off in that direction, determined no to lose her again.
    The crowd cleared momentarily and I could see Val clearly, laughing with our friends, as they hastily made their way towards… I allowed my eyes to slide up and assess the hulking mass of metal that sat before me, sharp turns, steep drops and tight loops teasing my senses. Val whirled around and grinned when her eyes locked on me.
    “Come on, Avery!” She shouted, beckoning to me with shaking fingers. For such a small girl, she was brimming with oodles of excitement and adrenaline. I quickened my pace until I arrived at her side, and we looped arms instinctively, craning our necks to see the very tip of Rip Ride Rock It.
    Our group of friends surged forward, pulling Val and me along and up the cement steps to the loading station. To my surprise, there was no one else in sight, save for myself and my five companions. My stomach squirmed uncomfortably and I clutched my free hand to my gut.
    Val looked up at me eagerly and tugged on my arm. The rest of my friends had scattered and headed towards the waiting seats. I stepped onto the spinning platform, stumbling to keep my balance. The roller coaster car was gliding along slowly on the track, creeping towards the beginning of the ride. Panicking, I jogged towards the middle and slid into the farthest seat. Val hopped in next to me, brushing her hair back with her fingers and pulling the restraints down over her small frame. The car was getting dangerously close to steep incline that would take us straight up. I yanked the shoulder restraints down and tugged on them desperately with trembling fingers, ensuring they were secure. Whooping noises rang out as the roller coaster sped up and began to make its way up. Val cackled madly and pumped her fist. The car shuddered and jolted upward, tilting us at a perfect 180°. It was then that I realized what a huge mistake it was.
    With chest heaving madly and legs kicking wildly, I let out a terrified scream. Val grasped my fingers and squeezed reassuringly, but nothing could soothe the excruciating pain in my belly. We finally reached the very tip of the roller coaster, and my panic didn’t allow me to enjoy the breath-taking view of the entire amusement park. I was on the verge of a total mental breakdown, on the precipice of disaster. My friends all hollered and shouted. I dug my feet into the roller coaster car and locked my limbs. I held my breath and braced myself. The roller coaster hesitated, teetering dangerously over the edge. I screamed at the top of my lungs, hoping to release some of the unease in my stomach, and that’s when the front of the roller coaster car pitched forward, and we were dragged down into oblivion.

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