What I Did on My Summer Vacation by Suerellys

What did I do on my 2015 summer vacation you ask? Well, I did so many things, but I’ll tell you my top three favorites. I drove a go-kart, I went rock climbing, and I saw Pluto, Mickey’s dog. My family and I had so much fun in our summer vacation.

Fun spot was my top favorite of them all. I rode on so many fast rides, and I also got to drive a go-kart. My siblings and I, rode most of the fast roller coasters, and the smaller but still fast rides. My favorite ride was the O’ Scram Blur, because it spun us around really fast. The force pushed me against my little brother.

Funderdome was my second favorite place. It had an indoor rock climbing area and a sky walking area. I first went to try sky walking, and I went to accompany my little brother for help. Once I was tied to the rope, I went up the stairs and when I got to the top I went through the whole course. It was scary because at some parts there was nothing to hold on to, but I had fun doing it. I went through the rope line, a crooked bridge, and a wobbly board. Next I tried rock climbing. When it was my turn I chose to go for the medium level. I was able to climb close to the top, but I didn’t get close enough to ring the bell. However, I did have fun going down. The next day my whole body was sore.

One more thing that I did was go to one of Disney’s parks. When we got in we saw Pluto, and we got a picture with him. Then we went on a ride, I forgot what it was called, but it looked like a giant golf ball on the outside. It gave us a fun history lesson, and we even got to see what the future might look like. Then we walked around the park visiting other places that we would not usually see everyday, like China or France. My favorite part of that trip, was that we got to get free samples of different coke flavors from different places around the world. Most of them were good, and after a nice long walk, we went home.

That is what I did on my summer vacation. I went to fun spot, funderdome, and Disney, and me and my family enjoyed it very much. What about you, what did you do for your 2015 summer vacation?


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