National Day On Writing

Today is the National Day on Writing. Why do you write?



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  1. I write as a way of self-expression and as a way to share ideas that I find hard to talk about but much easier to share through written words. I also write to influence others and provide wisdom, this is with my blog, on specific topics.

  2. There’s something about creating my own world, and making anything possible in my own story, that gives me so much joy

  3. I write because it’s the most accurate way to express my feelings, ideas, and beliefs. I feel that with each year it’s a reflection of how I’ve grown in who I am. Plus it’s the primary way of letting off steam and venting, even if it the writing isn’t spectacular.

  4. I write because I can create my own world with words, I can inform the world of news, and I can express my feelings through words.

  5. It’s a way to flush out my imagination from the many stories I come up with every night. It’s also a way to preoccupy myself when I have nothing to do.

  6. I don’t do it as often anymore, even though I really should, but depending on what I write about, I can express how I feel through writing. I was never one to know how to SAY how I feel, and writing in general just gives me an escape from the real world.

  7. Wow! Super broad question! I sat down to think about this, and managed to shorten my long list of reasons I write into a top 3 selection:

    1. I write in order to release energy – nervous energy, angry energy, positive energy… you name it.
    2. I write in order to transport myself and others into alternative worlds – when this world just isn’t cutting it, LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚
    3. I write to make an impact – I write for people to say, “Hey, the girl’s got a point!” I write to inspire others to be better people and make change.

  8. I write because I can’t keep all those thoughts and ideas inside my head! I also write because it gives me a way to express my perspective of the world more creatively.

  9. I write because there’s something in words and how they can be used in so many different ways that fascinates me. I want to use these words to inspire people, to help them, to motivate them. I want to learn to use my writing skills to express my opinions, my thoughts, and to take a stand for what’s right. There’s many different ways writing can be used, and I want to use it for the right causes. This is why I write

  10. thewritingpegasus

    I write because why not? It takes you to other worlds, it releases your creative ability, it’s like a superpower! I write because I want to use my superpower to entertain people.

  11. I write because I have to. True, no one makes me write, as in, no real person makes me write. I imagine stories and if I do not write them, they keep pounding on my brain, maintaining the center of attention in my mind. I simply HAVE to write! To me, it is like a second nature, not a choice. It is much like breathing, just something natural that happens every day (YES! Every day). If I do not write, then I cannot function because the stories NEED to be written and I cannot focus if they are not. The characters seem to want me to tell their stories, other wise, they will cease to exist in anywhere except my head, where they will haunt me until I write their adventures. Maybe I am exaggerating, but then again, maybe I am not… ๐Ÿ˜›

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Ha, that’s how I feel too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I write because it’s the only way i can express myself without fear of being judged and writing takes me to a whole other world and makes me forget everything for a while.

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