Snowflake Method Step Two

Expand that sentence to a full paragraph describing the setup, major disasters or setbacks, and ending of the story.

You can also use this paragraph in your proposal. Ideally, your paragraph will have about five sentences. One sentence to give me the backdrop and story setup. Then three sentences for disasters or setbacks. Then one more sentence to tell the ending. If this sounds suspiciously like back-cover copy (back of the book), it’s because . . . that’s what it is and that’s where it’s going to appear someday.


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  1. Skylar and Jason have been best friends since they met in kindergarten. One day out of nowhere, Jason goes missing without any trace of where he went. When the police announce that the case is cold, Skylar takes matters into her hands and begins the search for herself. After many times almost getting to him, Skylar begins to feel like it is hopeless. Then one day, two days after his disappearance, Jason is found.

  2. I meant two years, not two days.

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