Writing Prompt!

Use these 5 words: tribute, suspension, premise, terrifying, mandated.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. Failures and regret
    You know it well, I bet
    Familiarity and cowardice
    It’s all right to miss well wishes
    Wish on a star in the moonlight
    Do your dreams ever take flight?
    You fight and strive to see yourself win
    Yet in the middle of the night
    You feel like giving in
    Only to rise and try again
    Mandated intervention
    You waited for the call
    Premise of pretension
    Were you the only one to fall?
    Terrifying catastrophe
    Thunderclouds, rain struck
    Tribute of false reality
    Did you try hard enough?
    The night comes around
    Just like the seasons
    It only weighs a pound
    The price of treason
    Compromise is no way to bid
    You grieve but it gives reason to live

  2. “Russell just mandated the attack. We have to move quick or the CIA will beat us there.” I hopped on the nearest trolley as it sped away. Garrett pressed the gas pedal down as hard as it would go. “This should be fun,” I attempted to console the newbie, Bret. “You’re first big action-packed thrill.”
    He half-smiled, trying not to seem intimidated by me, mainly becuase I have been on the job for 6 years, the other part being because I was a girl. “Thanks. Yeah, I’m not scared.”
    “It’s good you’re not scared, becuase this is terrifying.” I winked and turned my head toward the road. I couldn’t help but think of Griffin, my last partner. His suspension had all but killed me. He’d been my right hand man, I’d worked with him for all 6 years that I’d been here. I guess Russell was trying to teach me a lesson by giving me the newbie this time; it was supposed to be some kind of tribute to all of mine and Griffin’s work together.
    Suddenly, interrupting my thoughts, the trolley came to a squealing halt. “What is it, Garrett?”
    Before he had time to answer bullet shots rang in the air. We’d been beaten here and they weren’t too happy that we’d even show up. I pulled out my hand gun, yelling orders at Bret. “You need to stay down. This isn’t unusual; I’ve dealt with this before.”
    “Oh yeah; and what was the premise of all the other times?” He asked with a sly smile and a wink. He popped up over my head and started firing away, shooting two men square in the head and missing another only a few centimeters from the heart. Bret was quit similar to Griffin, not only in actions but in looks too… It wasn’t – It couldn’t be – Was it Griffin?

  3. “Perhaps the premise could be tweaked a little bit,” Jessie muttered, reviewing the paper before her. She pressed the tip of her red correction pen into the thin sheet, looping together the phrase: “teak premise.” Underneath she added, “See me after class,” to indicate the potentially long and unnecessary discussion on the student’s error. She wished she could just lay in bed and never look at a student essay again. Glancing over at the stack of ungraded essays, she sighed and put her head in her hands.
    “Break time!” she announced with a sarcastic hint. Getting up from the dining room table, she walked to her small kitchen to pour a fifth cup of coffee. It was dark outside, notably a terrifying time for the unsuspecting pedestrian, for gang threats had been released several times in the past month. Jessie dared not to wander outside after 8, even if many leaders in the district claimed there was nothing to fear. The police delivered a different message, given that they mandated on Monday for children under the age of 18 to not leave their homes after seven o’ clock. “Yeah, that’ll be ignored,” Jessie said to herself, viewing a group of teens walking down the street. The police weren’t given many opportunities to enforce mandates these days, so it was more than likely for commands to be discarded. Jessie knew the officers were right in this instance, because there really was no telling what horrible crimes would be committed next.
    It was then she caught sight of a familiar face in the crowd of normal looking teens. Jonah, a past student of hers, was mingling with two other youth, his features illuminated by a streetlamp overhead. He had been out of school on suspension, due to acting out and bad-mouthing teachers. Jessie dubbed him the ultimate punk, though she had realized he had the potential to succeed. He was laughing and joking around now, and suddenly picked up speed in his walk.
    Running, all ten of them were, to a nearby corner-street store. Jessie watched in horror as they picked up rocks and catapulted them into the windows, shattering each and every one.
    A siren. Wails from a cop car. Resistance of arrest for those who did not flee fast enough. Gun shots fired.
    The next day, a tribute was paid to Jonah by many of his friends and classmates. A moment of silence was established. The story had been distorted in Jonah’s favor…in all of the teens’ favor.
    Jessie did not see it fit to pay tribute, staying home that day with a conflicting heart.
    (yeah it’s a little less descriptive than I wanted it to be, but short on time nevertheless. It’s harder to use words in my writing provided to me, for some reason xD)

    • wow! really great! I love how it took such an unexpected twist from normal school teacher grading essay’s, to a police warning put out, to Jessie seeing it happen right before her eyes, to the students paying tribute and her staying home. That was really great writing! I applaud the imagery, as it was more descriptive than need-be! Fantastic! 😀

      • You made my day, Hailey! Much appreciated; the plot just found me as I wrote it xD I had no idea where it was going. Your piece is extremely intriguing, I love how you used the provided words too!

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