Amend Transcendence by Leah

Is there a way to rise above,

transcend our amends?

We fight and we make up

We lie and try again

We die and leave everything behind

Is it fair?

To be born in a world so horrible

Without consent

To breathe in this toxic atmosphere

To live out a life so far from our heart’s deceitful desire?

What is a heart’s desire?

And why am I so confused?

Growing up with growing pains

Nothing’s kept when you’re all that remains

Loneliness is a gift

Solitude a whisper

Both abused so sorrowfully amiss

Bound together we are for purpose

We smile and wave our goodbyes with no more than a tremor

Do you care for the ones you love?

Or do you love your enemy’s wealth and loyalty?

Is it true that the truth isn’t subjective?

Subjectively, our amends mend our wounds

But oh, only for the time being

What is life beyond the doors of death,

Transcendence or regress?


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  1. This is amazing…so beautifully and thoughtfully written! I love this.

  2. Loved it! It’s for the Virge, I presume? 😉 Can’t wait to see it in there!

  3. This is stunning Leah, I absolutely adore the first line. Amazing!

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