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From Rosalind: Your character hears a noise under their bed. What could it be?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. I laid in my bed, thinking of how things were before this mess happened. I was in a garage band with people that actually liked me, not with people who would rather spend time with each other than help me with my problems. The exception, of course, was Michael, who became my best friend in this endeavor to find the cure to this disastrous disease. My femininity was, for the moment, unavoidable.
    A noise came from under my bed. Since this happened almost every night, I thought nothing of it. My home was over one hundred years old and my sister, now masculine, was certain it was haunted. I never believed her, but as the sounds continued, as if tossing and turning, I began to grow a bit paranoid. I knew paranoia was just a figment of my imagination and I should try to let it go. I rolled over myself to my left side, away from the door, and tried to forget it. I struggled to let the sound dissipate in my mind. But the sound of rolling did not cease, and eventually caught up to my fear. I checked underneath. It looked almost cylindrical, wrapped in my fleece blanket. I pondered whether I should check underneath the blanket. The object responded by uncovering itself. I saw a familiar face, one I could not put my name to at the time, partly due to my phobic persona I’ve taken. “Hey, Kellin.” The boy with the black curly hair whispered. The voice shocked me into normalcy.
    “Michael, what the- what are you doing here?!” I stage whispered, knowing if I got too loud, I would have to face the consequences of my parents. His face changed, from a mysterious I-want-to-scare-you look to a deeply pleasant, probably happy face. My feelings changed from frightened to angry.
    “My parents were arguing again. And trust me, watching two girls fight it out, it is literally like watching two alpha lions fighting for dominance.” Michael’s father had been a victim of the disease that affected over half of the world.
    “That doesn’t mean you can sneak into my room and hide under my bed!” I kept my volume, but my intensity had found the ceiling.
    He began to plead. “Kellin, please let me stay. I need a getaway from the constant bickering. My mom believes it has something to do with the medical community, and she blames my dad for getting some sort of medical procedure. You know my mom, she was a hippie with hippie parents.”
    “Fine. But, you get to sleep under the bed because you didn’t text me about this before sneaking into my house.” I laid back down and went to sleep. I could hear a whisper of thanks and some tossing and turning before I dozed out.

  2. Tiditiditiditidi! There it goes again, the strange sound that has been going on for 10 minutes now. I’m too petrified to move from my bed and find out what’s making it. Tiditiditiditidi! Tiditiditiditidi! I finally use the little courage I have left, and look under my bed. The noise was coming from a cricket! Phew! What a relief! I got up and scooped up the cricket, and released it outside my doorstep. Goodnight cricket!

  3. Usually I was out, at a bowling alley, doing the usual halloween routine over at Don’s-not home, sitting against my headboard whispering a Coldplay song to myself while just staring off at blank wall-I guess I took it too far. I tapped a finger on my bed and looked around at my posters, reading this quote I saw in a poem, The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot:

    “Come in under the shadow of this red rock; And I will show you something different from either; Your shadow at morning striding behind you;Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you; I will show you fear in a handful of dust;”

    I thought it was weird that I’d have that, but after today I just needed that. It was eerie, how close it was to me-like a song playing after a break up, so right for the situation. I always screw things up.
    After a while, I sighed, taking a last glance at my phone and figuring he wasn’t gonna call or text me back, he probably never would-I need to watch my shadows. I hadn’t moved then-while thinking of heading downstairs to escape my melancholy-I hadn’t moved. But I heard something, a noise that made me freeze.
    I sat still for about five heartbeats before I heard it again, a sound that was coming from under my bed. My mind flashed through possibilities of what it could be. Stop it, I said mentally when my mind conjured monsters, I’m sixteen, they shouldn’t scare me anymore.
    I told myself I was gonna get up and that I was gonna go downstairs because nothing was there, but after a few minutes I was still sitting there, frozen and as quiet as ever. Ridiculous, I told myself, your being ridiculous. I exhaled, realizing I was holding my breath. “Come on,” I muttered in an attempt to prep myself, but so quietly, I knew I might chicken out, so I pushed myself up fast and jumped off the bed, reaching the door I’m seconds.
    Stupidly, I stood there, because I saw something. I was there, by the door, for a good while before I walked to my bed uncertaintly, I froze for a second-just staring in a stupor before I knelt to have a look.
    As soon as I did, I saw a face and screamed, scrambling back, chest heaving and everything. When I realized I was still on the floor I pushed myself up to run, but I heard a familiar cackle that made my hands curl into fist, they were shaking as Don crawled out from under my bed, pulling his mask off, laughing. “Trick or treat,” he squealed teasingly. Don, a shadow of me, and my tricks, no longer striding behind me.
    “You’re not tricking or treating,” I growled, I wanted to punch him, but I gripped my hair instead thinking, I deserved that, I took things too far. “How long were you under there.”
    “Hours,” he exasperated, “at one point, I thought, why don’t I just crawl out and scare him because I thought you were asleep. What were you doing anyways?”
    Not regretting scaring you into embarrassment, I thought, but instead said, “homework.” There weren’t any books on my bed so I added, “it was online,” because my phone was there.
    Don stretched, ” must have been a lot,” and I nodded in agreement. Don laughs for a minute more before saying, “let’s go watch some movies,’ and I nod to that too. He doesn’t say, “I should watch my back,” so I tell him because scaring people is my job and my job is a shadow to me, and like a shadow, I make sure it never really reaches me.

  4. thewritingpegasus

    We both paused as the rattling noise sounded again. She started signaling me to look under the bed. I shook my head and signaled for her to do it. She rolled her eyes and nodded, “Scaredy-cat!” she mouthed as she confidently strutted towards the bed. She laid down on the floor next to the bed. I started to shake off my worries until I heard her scream. I jumped up and looked towards her and saw a green, grimy hand pulling her under the bed. Her arms and legs were writhing as she screamed, “Hannah! Help!” I was about to run and grab her when I saw her hand disappear under the bed. “S-s-Sarah?” I stammered. As I slowly marched towards the bed, step by step, I heard my Mom calling me from downstairs. “Hannah? Why are you two screaming?” she asked and I heard her footsteps on the stairs. Mom would never believe what happened and if I told her, she would look for herself. I slammed the door as she stepped up beside me. “We were playing pillow fight!” I lied. “I closed the door so she couldn’t get me.” I laughed nervously. Mom nodded suspiciously. “Well, if you guys are alright I guess that’s fine, although you know I dislike hurting each other.” “We’re using the softest pillows we can find,” I lied through my teeth and put on a big fake grin. I stepped back inside the room after Mom was gone. I decided my only chance was to look under the bed. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I walked stiffly next to the bed. I got down on my knees and dipped my head down shakily. I looked under the bed to find something horrific! Sarah sitting under the bed, holding back a malicious grin. I picked up a pillow and smacked her in the face as she laughed her head off.

    (I took a little longer than ten minutes, that was fun!)

  5. “Hurry, you guys!” I clicked send and tossed my phone lightly at my feet, which were propped up on pillows. I massaged my temples and groaned. These headaches were really starting to get the best of me. They had been lingering for weeks now, and not even Ibuprofen was squandering them. I closed my eyes and layed back, resting my hands on my stomach. Lily and Jonah wouldn’t arrive for at least another ten minutes, and resting my eyes would be a pretty good idea if I was going to sit through a two-hour movie.
    A noise sounded and my eyes flickered open. It sounded like it came from under my bed. My vivid imagination already began to draw the most disturbing and terrifying pictures imaginable, and I tried my best to shake them out of my mind. I closed my eyes once more, only to have my whole bed shaken. Yelping, I sat up immediately, my heartbeat quickening. My headache pulsed viciously and I groaned, quivering hands flying up to my head.
    I heard the noise again, a loud buzzing sound. Goosebumps rose on my arms and legs. I was being ridiculous. There couldn’t possibly be anything under my bed. This was not one of the many scary movies I’d watched with Lily and Jonah. Sliding to the edge of my bed, I gripped the railing and hung my head upside down to peer beneath my bed, my curly brown hair sliding up my neck and weighing me down.
    For a moment, all I could see was darkness, but suddenly, a large disproportionate figure came into view, with four huge red eyes and what appeared to be tentacles streaming out from its face. I screamed and pushed back, causing me to land flat on my back with a grunt. I scrambled backwards like a crab, screeching all the while.
    The door burst open and banged against the wall violently. Jonah strode into view, with Lily close behind.
    “What happened?!” Jonah asked, grabbing my hands and pulling me to my feet.
    “THERE’S SOMETHING UNDER THERE.” I screamed between sobs, pointing a shaking finger at my bed. He looked at me worriedly, and placed a hand on my shoulder.
    “Okay, it’s okay Mel. I’ll check.” Jonah said comfortingly. He walked over to my bed and sank to his knees.
    “NO, DON’T JONAH!” I cried, but Lily wrapped her arms around me to prevent me from stopping him. Jonah lowered himself until he could see clearly underneath the bed. I held my breath as he stared into the darkness. Minutes seemed to pass, when he finally rose back up to his full 6 feet and dusted his hands.
    “Mel, There’s nothing there.” Jonah said, his voice thick with concern. My lips quivered as I clung to Lily, disbelieving. My head pulsed painfully and I cried out in pain.
    “Mel? Melanie!” I could hear them calling me as the pain blinded me and I sank into nothingness.

    Took a bit longer than 10 minutes too. 😮

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