Difficult Choices by Maleeka

One of the most difficult decisions you will have to make in life is deciding which career path to pursue in the near future. Naturally, you may be divided between multiple career choices –or some of you probably already know which career you’re going to pursue once you finish high school, perhaps you may want to pursue a career in writing which is great of course. However, what about those of you who are stuck between becoming a writer and following another profession? Well, good news! You actually don’t have to choose between the two!

‘How?’ You’re probably wondering, well allow me to explain.

Let’s say you’re interested in becoming a photographer and a writer. Instead of putting the majority of your time into taking pictures and writing try making a schedule, try to set aside a few hours every week for writing whenever you’re not too busy with work. A large majority of writers use this same technique when they first start out since they’re not able to live off of their writing yet.

Hopefully, after a year or so with experimenting with this technique you will be able to make a decision as to which profession you would like to follow if you’re only interested in following one.

If you decide on pursuing a career as a photographer you can always keep writing as a hobby, hopefully you won’t completely drop creative writing or forget about it. If you’re able to completely support yourself from your writing you can try transiting into becoming a full time writer and keep photography as a hobby if you wish to do so.

In the end the choice is completely up to you. Whether you decide to transition into becoming a full time writer, part time, or you decide you want to go after a different career besides becoming a writer, the choice is completely up to you. Just remember, when it comes to following your love for writing and some other profession you’re really compassionate about you don’t always have to choose between them. It is possible to follow both of them. Who knows? You’ll probably become successful in both of your professions.


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  1. This is a problem I am going through right now. This was very helpful, and I plan to keep writing as a hobby.

  2. I have also had this on my mind recently. This is very helpful, and I think I may be a part time writer, as I have other careers I am hoping to pursue. But I know that I can never drop writing. Thanks, Maleeka, for these words of advice!

  3. Awesome job writing this, Maleeka!!

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