Writing Prompt!

From Grace: Write about your favorite fall memory. Use the five senses to your best ability.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “She had been running nonstop, trying to get to the tree. Her lungs hissed at her. Her feet ached from the cold. Her nose started running. She took another breath, ran another step, and wiped at her nose with the back of her right hand. She heard a laugh, his laugh, in close proximity. ‘Madison!’ He called at her name. ‘Where are you?’

    She giggled and ran harder, knowing she was almost there. The trees blurred in and out of her vision. She could smell the burning of wood from the neighbors next door. She felt the warmth of her mittens resting loosely at her fingertips. She continued to run. She slowed down as she heard her name once more, ‘Madison! Where are you?’

    She allowed another giggle to escape her mouth as she swept her thick brown hair behind her shoulder. She could finally see the big oak tree within walking distance. Still, she ran. A slight 20-feet jog was all it took before she reached the old tree. She let her feet slide out from under her as she herself slid down the tree. ‘Papa! I’m here!’ She called out, waiting for his response. And then, as quick as lightning, he came from around the big oak and swept her off her feet, smiling all the while. She laughed at how tall he was, always making her feel like such a dwarf. She was a short girl for her tender age of 6, but her papa was the tallest man on earth, and she was certain of it.

    He threw her up in the air and let her fall gracefully back into his arms. Visiting her Nana and Papa was her most favorite thing to do. She got to play games in the back yard, swim in the pool, and even go “gallivanting” with her nana. She and her nana had a special tradition of whenever her grandmother would come and get her, they’d always say to Madison’s mom, ‘We’re goin’ gallivantin’!’ Off they would go on a full day of clothes shopping, grocery shopping, and eating wherever Madison wanted.”


    I’ve written this true short-story (just changed the name), trying miserably to hold back the flow of tears waiting ever so patiently at my bottom lid. I knew that I could make it through one time without completely losing control over my emotions; or really, lack there of. See, I’m not an emotional person. But, when it comes to my family, I loose it. When I was sent away from my biological mom to live with my biological dad, I believe I cried on-and-off for a solid week. When my step-dad’s step-dad (yes, my step-dad also had a step-dad) died, I lost control over the phone hearing it from my sister. When I found out my sister self-harmed, I cried to her, in front of her, and for her. Now that I haven’t seen my nana and papa (two of my most favorite people) for a good 6+ years, it’s really hitting me at the core. They’re both getting so old that I know their time is coming and it’s all but killing me inside to not see them. To not get to say goodbye. To not thank them for everything they’ve done. I wish I could just see them one more time before they go. They would be the most amazing thing. I love them both so much… Anyway, hope you enjoyed the story……

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