How to Block Out Your Writer’s Block by Mabel

I started writing my first novel since I was nine years old. Throughout the years, the factors that inspire me to write as well as the purpose of my writing have changed much. However, one factor that remained the same for me and remains the same for many writers is the fact that we can all exhibit writer’s block. Writer’s block, commonly referred to as “suck dragons”, is a psychological reticence that inhibits a writer from writing a piece of literature. Believe it or not, many famous writers exhibited writer’s block until they have received the proper inspiration and they wrote their documents with elegant styles and with eloquent thought.
Nevertheless, there are several ways to relieve your writer’s block quickly without having to wait very long to regain the ability to write again, especially when you are attempting to write a novel in only thirty days. The following are several tips on how to receive your needed inspiration faster:
1. Maintain a clear mind. You cannot be texting messages and thinking of what to write simultaneously. Studies clearly show that the human mind cannot multitask. Multitasking will only cause the state of your mind to become harried and this will not allow your mind to produce the best work it has the potential to truly produce.
2. Read and receive your inspiration. In order to receive your inspiration, you can attempt to read in the topics that you enjoy reading about. If you enjoy reading particular story genres such as fairytales, realistic fiction, historical fiction, among other fictional genres, then you should read these stories more often as they may provide you with influential ideas for your own story. If you appreciate reading in the realistic fields of ecology, science, history, politics, or other realistic topics, then you should read in these topics more frequently, as they may provide you with the proper inspiration that you need to pursue writing your piece.
3. Place yourself in an inspiring area. If you enjoy sitting in your own bedroom, walking in the park, playing in a county fair, visiting a museum, or being in any other area or facility, then you should attempt to visit that
place more often because its scenery or the activities available in it may grant you the inspiration you need.
4. Immerse yourself with people you enjoy spending time with. If you enjoy spending time with your friends, family, or other close individuals you are familiar with, then you should spend time with them more often and discuss your latest work with them. They may assist in editing the ideas of your novel and they may even grant you the inspiration you need to continue writing one.
In whatever topic you plan to write in, just be certain to allow your mind to cool down and clear up. Once your mind is focused only on the issue of writing, you must attempt to receive the proper inspiration by reading about the topics you enjoy. You may also reward yourself with recreational breaks and visit inspirational locations with your loved ones. Indeed, NaNoWriMo can be quite challenging. This is the first year I participate in this event and I myself find it to be quite challenging and time-consuming. Nevertheless, with perseverance, we can do it! Bon voyage and may God be with you all on this grand journey through literature.


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  1. Super cool tips Mabel! These could be really helpful, thank you!

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