NaNo’s Over – Now the Holidays are Coming! by Rosalind

No matter how you celebrate – the Holidays are always an exciting time. Time off, family time, gift giving, fun movies, it’s always a time I look forward to. Now that NaNo is over, its all about time to relax – a month of working hard can really put you in the mood for a more relaxing time, and I know I’m ready for the time to relax with my mom. On Thanksgiving, we put up our tree, preparing for the Winter Solstice – a Pagan tradition that me and my mother celebrate – and we decorated the rest of the house and the yard. As we did such, I was reminded of how fast the year has gone by, and how it’s amazing how quickly time flies.
NaNo managed to go by faster than I could have ever imagined – 25 days and I had written 26 chapters, over 80,000 words, and I had myself a completed rough draft. I felt very proud, and have taken some needed time off, but I will admit I can’t wait to get to some more writing again soon. Over the holiday break will be perfect, I think I’ll manage to get a lot done. It was a fun November, and I expect December to be the same – NaNo may be over, but there’s always something to keep busy with!


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  1. I agree with you, Rosalind. Time truly does fly fast. I am glad that you have met your goal in the NaNoWriMo last month and I wish you and everyone else a very merry Christmas this month!

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