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From Grace: Imagine your character has just discovered the secret to life. What is it? How do they react?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. The secret to life. What could it be? Let me tell you. The secret to life is to never give out trust or a piece of your heart. Trust is something that is earned. Trust is the way to get to know if that friend really has your back. Your heart is what allows you to breathe without really trying. I say never give out a piece of your heart to someone who will never really care. For example, your boyfriend or significant other will tell you they love you and you say it back. Every. Time. For every single boyfriend or girlfriend you ever had. Each time you kiss someone or each time you even consider making yourself vulnerable, you allow that other a small piece of your heart for them to play with. Unless God himself or the Holy Spirit tells you he or she is the one, I would suggest staying away and keeping yourself for the one God has for you, not for someone who is here to just play with your heart and leave you hanging at the end of the relationship. That is what the secret to life is. Be happy and never trust anyone until they have earned it. Happiness is the key. Without a happy life, there is truly no meaning to life.

  2. “Why do you even bother?” Glen asked. “It’s like this vendetta you have will only be fulfilled with death. Didn’t you know that was illegal?”
    “Of course it’s illegal, but so is fraud. And he, definitely, has the hamartia of being fraudulent.”
    “Do you ever think that maybe there’s more to life than getting revenge?” he pleaded. “Maybe there’s something more to live for. The kind of things that keep normal people sane. And the truth is, Helen, you’re not sane. You never have been, and if you don’t understand what I say now, you never will.”
    I paused. I believed I was as sane as the next person, with the slight exception of the timidness I often carried. I thought of what type of things would keep a person that has never been in my position happy. Love? Trust? Hope? These things swirled in my head as Glen took another stab at the wound he had opened.
    “Helen, what you’re doing, what you’ve always done, they’re not normal. People find what you do for a living quite unbearable. You need to stop. There are better things, happier things, that you could enjoy.”
    I pondered, “What kind of things?”
    “Well, first off, I’ve found in my personal experience that the secret to a happy life is to let things go. Whatever happens, happens. What other people do does not concern me, and if they try to destroy my image, I will laugh at the idiots who actually believe them. I don’t let such minuscule things affect me. I, in turn, am much happier because I. Do. Not. Care. But first, you gotta let the past go, Hel.”
    “Let it go.” I whispered. “How do I do that?”
    “Accept it happened and nothing will change the fact it did.”
    My mind raced. Those thoughts of doing such malicious things to the Return, that man I swore to kill, seemed to throw themselves out the window. I know I must change, I need to. I found that my makeup started to smear as the rain dripped from my eyes. I knew, through all of this, that Glen would be my salvation. All I had to do was let it go.

  3. Flora was still somewhat confused by all that had happened in the time. It was only a few minutes ago that she and Willow were walking to school, when that strange man came up to them, trying to sell them the most unusual can of beans. Perhaps she shouldn’t have reacted as she did.

    “How dare you invade our person space!” Flora had screamed at the short, bearded man. “I mean, seriously! We are high schoolers. We don’t need to buy beans! We have parents! They buy all the food! Why do you have to pedal to us like some big-city hot dog vendor?”

    Willow, Flora’s closest friend and often the only voice of reason in her life, pointed out to her, “He’s just trying to make some spare money, Flora. Sorry, mister, but we don’t have any money for beans right now.”

    Willow started to walk away, when the mysterious salesmen added something.

    “What if I told you there were no beans in the can?”

    Flora was prepared to yell at the man again, as she was now further enraged, but Willow spoke first.

    “Then why on earth would you sell it to us?” Willow asked. “I hate to say it, but telling your customer that your products are worthless isn’t exactly a brilliant idea.”

    “Worthless?” the man retorted, and then burst into a deep, continuous laughter. It was a laughter that shouldn’t have made anyone feel uncomfortable, it was light and happy, but it still gave Flora a chill down her back. “You, girl, take the can for free. You’ve made my day.”

    The man threw Willow a can and then went on his way.

    “Willow,” Flora began. “Are you gonna do it?”

    “Do what?”

    “Open the can!” she insisted. “You’ve gotta! I want to see what that crazy man was talking about!”

    Willow used to fight Flora in these situations, but after a while Flora’s fiery spirit had worn down her friend’s calm nature. She leaned down, picked up a rock from the sidewalk and stabbed it into the can’s metal top.

    After doing that, nothing happened, for a second. But then, something like a hologram, only more life-like, popped up to them. It portrayed nothing but an old door.

    “Greetings, philosophers!” a strange voice said. “To discover the meaning of life, please open the door.”

  4. I must find him… I thought as I ran, he must give it back. When I see him he runs too, I must catch him!!! I find him and corner him. “It’s over now,” and then he smashes my precious golden heart-shaped necklace. Nooo. “Aaaaggghhh!!!” I say when I wake up. What could my dream mean? I search it on the computer and I have a 2 results. “Watch who you trust, or they can break you heart,” and, “Your heart is fragile, you give it away carelessly, and it WILL break”. I must do what i must and be wary of who I make friends with…
    I must be careful with my heart.

  5. “Where am I? That was what I thought when I woke up. Then I get up on my soft, gentle, white paws. Wait…paws? Then there was a flash of movement. When I looked for it I saw a beautifully woven china doll. Then it got up and said,’don’t go, that’s how he always steals it.’ I have no idea what that meant though. After some more searching I saw a jaguar, it said, ‘don’t go, it will steal it’ they were so confusing.Then after a while, I found it, it was a pretty boy, ‘will you marry me?’ he said, when I said yes he came to me, grabbed me and then… He took my necklace! Then he smashed it! I cried for hours and then I woke up. What does it mean?” I ask my therapist.”Sadly, you trust someone to much and they will break your Heart.” He replies. Oh no….

    Sorry I didn’t have enough time to finish it 😦

  6. I’m not working on any specific character right now, so I decided to write from my personal point of view. What I’ve decided is the secret to life!

    The icy deliciousness so beautifully scooped into a bowl…
    The plethora of colors that emerge from inside the sprinkle shaker…
    The rich aroma of hot fudge waiting to be drizzled…
    The mesmerizing feeling you get when it melts on your tongue…

    I have come to the conclusion that the secret to life is an ice cream sundae. When I’ve had a rough day or I’m juggling a lot on my plate, my instinct is to go to the freezer and pull out that magical carton of happiness. We don’t have many toppings in the house, but even so, I am made content by just a scoop or two of the frozen goodness. I always make sure we have some ice cream in stock, to ensure that whenever the need arises, my remedy is never too far away.
    Is it emotional eating? Yes, I recognize that it is. But here’s my philosophy – There are people who resort to alcohol when they’re stressed. Some bite their nails until they’re raw. Others cling to coffee for support. If I just need some ice cream now and then, what’s the harm? I still maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise frequently. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in my cravings once in a while.

  7. This was great my creative writing class loved it.

  8. The secret to life is happiness. And the secret to happiness is having it all. And the secret to having it all is to know that you already do. 😉

  9. Kayla Michaelis

    “Mom, what is the secret of life?” My 11 year old daughter asked me.

    “That’s such a deep question, Aubrey, what makes you think about such things?” I asked

    “Well, I’ve noticed a lot of things. I observed how a lot of teens and adults are unhappy. Some people try too hard to be perfect. So many people are addicted to various things. I don’t want to be like that when I get older,” Aubrey said “How do I stay happy forever?”

    I chuckled a little “No one can stay happy forever, darling. Sometimes, you’ll get sad or angry. You just can’t live in those feelings. Never trust anyone that has broken your trust once, because whose to say that they won’t do it again? And always remember, don’t let society tell you who to be. You are your own person, don’t let anyone take that away from you.

    Her eyes widened. “So that’s the secret of life?” She exclaimed.

    I pushed her dark hair behind her ear. “Yes, my darling. Those are a few of the many secrets of life. I’ll leave the rest for you to discover yourself”.

  10. Once when I went astray, I never experienced the slightest gay. Once when I lost my way, my mind never knew a serene haven to reside in. My parents and I lived in an extravagant mansion and amongst the most glorious willow trees. Yet, all I could do was mope and pout over what we do not possess without taking in consideration all that we possessed. “My dear Sophia,” my mother would soothe me, “Why must you pout and mope when we possess everything everyone dreams of?”

    “Mama, I feel as if something grand is missing,” I would tell her, “I realize that we possess all that we want, but I do not know what to do with them. I do not know the secret of life and I shall never be happy unless I find out.” “Dear, dear,” my mother would often attempt to mollify me, “What if you never find the secret of life. You certainly can never intend what you say you would. You certainly can never restrain happiness from your heart or you shall only taste bitterness in this world.”

    “If that is what I shall have, I am ready for it,” I replied restlessly, “I shall experience all the bitterness this world has to offer me until I find out the secret of life, for I am already tasting the utmost bitter at this instant.” Nevertheless, it did not take very long to find out the secret of life. On a dark winter day, I was peacefully strolling through our neighborhood and when I noticed the clouds above me become dark and as the snow started descending in greater intensity, I decided to return back home. However, when a snowstorm aroused and I could no longer bear fighting against the wind, I realized I had to find a nearby shelter immediately. As I continued to walk, I glanced at a beautiful church that graced the nearby courtyards of our home. Although my parents would never allow me to enter church as strong supporters of atheism, I decided to enter inside the church anyway as I could no longer bear the intensity of the snow.

    Once I entered the church, I sighed with relief and I took a seat in the church. I could see a substitute man taking the place of the pastor who was ill and had to stay home today. Nevertheless, this man, who was actually a well-known shoe cobbler in our community, could actually preach as strongly as a pastor. At first, I attempted to block out his words from my ears as I placed my hands on my ears in order to avoid any radical ideals. Nevertheless, as he continued to speak words of sweet serenity and wonderful sensation, I was intrigued to listen to his conversation as I opened my ears and my mind to his wonderful words that continued to ring in my ears as sweetly as chiming music. As I continued to listen, he said a word that greatly surprised me, “If you want to know the way, the truth, and the light, you must raise your heads and look upon Jesus Christ. Yes, just look! Just look and you shall find all that you desire and dream of. You can never find serenity or the secret of life within yourselves, for you will only find dim darkness and dire despair. You must only look upon Jesus Christ, our Savior, and if you ask Him to enter your heart, you shall immediately find tranquility and serenity.

    At his words, I was utterly shocked and after his sermon, I went personally to discuss with him my questions. After approximately two hours, he had cleared every confusion I harbored regarding Christianity. “Jesus Christ is at this instant knocking the door to your heart,” he told me, “You can invite him in anytime you please while you are on Earth. For when you perish, if you reach heaven or hell, you can never rethink of where you would want to spend your eternity.” After a brief moment of silence, I continued to reflect in my thoughts until I finally decided Whom I wanted to follow. “Lord Jesus Christ,” I started praying loudly, “I want You to enter my heart and to change my life forever.” At that same instant, I experienced wonderful tranquility and awesome wonder that I have never experienced before in my life. As tears started shedding my eyes, I hugged the substitute pastor and I whispered, “Thank you.” “Thank God who assisted me to help you,” he replied as we both started shedding tears of sheer delight.

    Afterwards, I left the church enthusiastically as I ran to tell my mother. After telling my mother of the wonderful words I heard and of the treasurable tranquility I have experienced, she immediately agreed with me and we both started reading the Holy Bible. After reading the Holy Bible, we both prayed for the Lord Jesus Christ to enter within our hearts and to grant us a delightful life everlasting. From that moment on, we both as well as our entire community eventually, harbored the Lord Jesus in our hearts and we all discovered the long-awaited secret of life.

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