How to Write a Poem


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  1. I feel awful, I’m so sorry for missing the meeting 😦 . like I said before, things are hectic.

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    • It’s not a problem. Many members are not able to come to meetings and instead watch the recordings and participate on the blog. You’re welcome to do that if it works better for your schedule. You should have received an email today with the recording and info from the meeting.

  2. Oh my gosh! My Creative Writing Elective teacher showed us this exact video last year! He had this man as his college professor. It’s very cool!

  3. Here’s a nice poem.

    The sun rose,
    In a splash of color, sound, and feeling,
    Millions of other stars appeared,
    Dancing to the moons,
    Their voices swelled,
    Reaching higher than mountains and shouted,
    “We’re Alive!”
    – Kennedi Ray

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