Writing Prompt!

From Cheyenne: Write a poem incorporating each of these words: zealous, discrete, marriage, poignant, and fabulous.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments! Bonus points if you make it a poem for our poetry focus this month.


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  1. And there she goes
    Striving for beauty
    For in discrete features
    she is not satisfied.
    Four walls surround
    with images of within.
    A wanderlust cage
    Projected on her face.

    She dutifully reflects upon
    Her poignant countenance.
    What she frightfully discerns
    is a marriage of discord
    between body and soul.

    She feels apprehensive,
    and fabulous fancies of disdain.
    At her door knocks standards
    And she answers to see
    Her lawn of mirror mazes.
    Confused, but intrigued,
    she invites them in numbly,
    as she seeks zealous vanity.

  2. The wind came round me like lace
    And with a whisper, though soft and thin
    And narrowing dim
    Was so discrete with what it said;
    It told me then a simple hymn

    “The world” it said
    “zealous with its ardor
    Its drive and sights
    Its frequent changes
    Has failed to see
    The simplicities
    Of life.”

    I did not realize but the marriage
    of hunger and wealth
    Had come into my mind with such stealth
    And proved to be drastically poignant,
    And a sudden change so fabulous and strong,
    Burned within like a trembling song.

    The complex lines I had written for my life
    Suddenly became one, pointing to one thing
    That mattered above else,
    No longer was I ignorant
    And overly ambitious
    and if you please
    I did scrape my knees
    As I fell for utter forgiveness.

  3. Martha’s Marriage Monologue
    By Mabel Shehadi
    December 8, 2015

    The following is my historical fiction poem told from the view of Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson:

    When I was informed that I had to meet someone today,
    My heart pounded anxiously and I started to pray,
    If I could be secretive enough and truly discrete,
    I would have hid and avoided this unbearable heat.

    Nevertheless, when the young man was before me brought,
    I discovered that refuge and relief was what he sought,
    Mr. Jefferson was truly quite anxious to meet me,
    We were both anxious to meet others, I could clearly see.

    I found out that we both had interests we share in heart,
    We were both quite fond of music, reading, and the fine arts,
    After clearing matters, the burden of anxiety ceased,
    From the chains of anxiety, I was at last released.

    He told me all about his mansion, the Monticello,
    He told me all about his quiet farm, mild and mellow,
    I realized we were both zealous to reach for the stars,
    To be educated, to learn, and to travel afar.

    After many days, Mr. Jefferson knelt on one knee,
    And finally asked for my hand in matrimony,
    After quite a long moment, I could finally utter,
    “Yes,” without one single stutter or hesitate mutter.

    Finally, when the appointment arrived for our marriage,
    I arrived with my dear parents in a lavish carriage,
    Our wedding event was fabulous with decorations,
    Everyone was smiling gaily with lively sensations.

    Then, my father held my hand and we entered the large hall,
    As we walked, I saw the decorations that adorned the walls,
    There was no poignancy with our joyful festivity,
    On that day, my heart could experience the greatest liberty.

    When we reached the end of the hall, I stood on Jefferson’s side,
    We knew that from that day on, we would together reside,
    So the pastor stood before us and made us take an oath,
    To forever love and care for each other with no loathe.

    We both walked outside the church as we were with flowers sprayed,
    As a happy couple, we were beautifully portrayed,
    This was truly the happiest day of my life you see,
    The marriage that day was truly a dream come true for me.

  4. A discrete conversation emerges in the moonlight,
    I’m hit with an incessant feeling of being over-zealous,
    For I see the blue hues that are carried across the lake, and the green upon the land that are now white from a midnight moon.

    The fabulous endeavor was not embarked on alone,
    Me, myself, and I were now connected to someone else under the stars
    And he in all his,
    Poignant beauty,
    Was not something to be compared to the way the stars shown that night.

    The marriage of the night sky and the bright clusters of galaxies in the sky made the night seem,

    Perhaps a fairytale lay in my future with my midnight prince.

    But I don’t think sunlight will show him in beneficial light.

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