Final Four – Best Worst Sentence Contest!

We’ve narrowed it down to 4 sentences! Below are our contest entries in groups of 2. You can vote once for each group. The top winner of each group will advance to the Championship Round! Final Four voting will go until December 17.


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  1. Ahh the second sentence reminds me of a book called “Breathe” by Sarah Crossan I read in middle school, about these kids who I think go outside the air dome (i.e. the area where oxygen still thrives) and they must bring air tanks with them, but some run low or something like that. Either way that second sentence (which is funny btw) totally reminded me of that book xD Funny how a phrase can do that

    Congrats to those whose sentences are still up here!!

  2. Congratulations to everyone who made it to the Final Four! And congratulations to all those who entered the Best Worst Sentence Contest! This competition is truly fun!

  3. These sentences are really great (or bad…?)! I am excited to see which ones move on, and which one wins!

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