Making It Big by Katie

I stare at my computer. There it is, I think. This is where I’m going to write a blog post that will turn the world into a mad house. I’ll become as big as “The Dress” craze or “What Does the Fox Say?”… Maybe bigger! All I need to do is start typing and letting my entire brain float onto the screen with magical words that would amaze even the most boring of people. I can do it. I really can do it.
I think about my sister Margaret, who says that it takes hard work and determination to make an “accidental” worldwide craze. She says that all “accidental” publicity stunts are just publicity stunts. No accidents are made when you want attention. I want attention.
This is it. This is finally it. I have been putting this off for months, but I told myself that I would put off an hour today to begin writing the most amazing post that will ever be read.
I twirl my long, brown hair around my finger as I daydream about all of the fame I will get. I can imagine my emails and fan mail now. They’ll have questions like, “How’d you do it?” and “Where did you get your inspiration?” and “How does it feel to be loved by billions of people?”
I’ll answer with, “It kind of just came to me, like an instinct…” and “I am inspired from everything around me; my hopes, my dreams, my deepest desires,” and “It feels great! But actually, it’s trillions of people.”
I will be the most famous twelve year old girl in existence. People will love me. Boys will swoon at the mere mention of my name. Girls will scream and would beg to trade lives with me. Adults will hold their children back from giving me enormous hugs. I’ll just sit on the couch (that my employees will carry from city to city while we’re on tour) with my cheetah print sunglasses while I file my nails and make people laugh with witty quips.
“Why did you write your amazing post in the first place?” a crazy popular interviewer will ask me (and he only interviews the most famous people on Earth).
I’ll answer with a cute half smile, “Well, if I hadn’t written it, I wouldn’t be here with you today, would I?” He’ll laugh with me and we will conclude the interview with me talking about my amazing new outfit that I bought for nearly a million dollars, although I’m worth ten times that.
I snap out of my daydream and turn back to the computer screen. I place my hands delicately on the keys and slowly begin to type. I’m three letters in when a voice yells from downstairs. It’s Margaret.
“Amanda, Mom got ice cream!” she yells. I jump up from my seat and just before I leave the room. I make sure to publish my post. My computer screen flips to the post on my blog. My amazing post. My great chance. My worldwide craze.
The screen reads, “Hey”.


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  1. Thank you for posting this, Katie. I truly agree with you that when anyone writes anything, they expect to receive attention through it. I also agree with what you said regarding the fact that if we are determined to write the best piece of literature in the world, we can do it even when do one else believes we can!

    Regarding popularity, when you become a famous writer, I shall be your biggest fan 🙂 Your writings and poems are truly impressive! May God be with you on your journey through literature!

  2. Wow, what can I say. I love the way you wrote this, Katie.

  3. I love this!!!!!

  4. Best post I’ve seen this year; love it!

  5. I have to say, this is one of the best things I’ve read

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