Writing Prompt!

From Maleeka: Write about the first day of the zombie apocalypse.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments. Bonus points if you make it a poem for our poetry focus this month.


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  1. The end came and went,
    The terror ignited among the masses,
    As if it was fire and dry grass,
    The fear crept up,
    The moans and groans of the dead
    Rose and the fear became panic,
    Panic that became the will of survival,
    Survival that caused hiding and desperation
    Fields of the massacred
    And rain became tears and broken hopes
    Of the newly dead.
    Looks of the living giving way
    To brighter days
    And happier nights
    The moans and groans,
    day and night
    Meant nothing on the face
    Of sunrise

  2. I awoke
    Simply put I was fearful
    Knowing what I felt beside me

    And the screams
    The ones that pierced yet in my mind
    The ones that grew silent

    The bitter taste of blood in my mouth
    Biting it too hard
    Running from Death in front of me

    I know
    I must find a safe haven
    But where?

    I cannot smell the salt of the ocean
    The small island only useful
    For my survival

    Even if I had caught the scent
    I know not how to operate the required equipment
    And must inevitably trust someone who might stab me later

    I now run for my life
    A phrase used hysterically before
    As means of a joke

    The joke is now on those who could not
    Bring it upon themselves to survive
    Even though everything is gone

    Everything is gone
    Our bitter hearts reignited
    To live a forsaken life

    Full of the dead that haunt us phyiscally

  3. thewritingpegasus

    Z ombies groaning silently, sneaking up behind me
    O n the ground are dead people who had their brains slurped like a milkshake
    M y heart is beating a mile a minute
    B eating and beating and beating
    I feel something grab my shoulders and
    E at my brains…


  4. I am loving all these zombie poems!

  5. I didn’t mean to press the “unlock” button. I didn’t mean to fall asleep while I was on the job. And now, all of humanity is doomed because of me.

    I’ve held my job at the Zombie Analysis Institute (or ZAI) for years now. Day in, day out, I stand guard over the zombie prisons and ensure the confinement of those dangerous beasts. It’s like the job of a security guard, only ten times more exciting! Daring! Adventurous! (OK, so maybe I don’t do all of the daring and adventurous experimentation stuff, but I know the other people at the ZAI do.)

    And they love me here. Or at least, they loved me until today. Until I accidentally dozed off. I swear I didn’t mean to! My wife spent the entire last night awake, throwing up and nauseated due to her pregnancy. And of course, that meant I didn’t sleep either. So yeah, maybe I was a little tired, and perhaps I should have called in and told the administrators the truth. They would have given me the day off. But I couldn’t – The way the economy is nowadays, it’s tough for me to miss a day of work. We just can’t live without the payment.

    Now, the zombies have escaped the prisons, and there’s no way to get them back. I can hear the screams of innocent children in the streets, the cries of parents as they try to run away… And I am responsible. I am responsible for the imminent annihilation of humanity.

  6. Terrorizing Terrorists

    Our horrible dark nightmares have finally become lively real,
    Our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness they did steal,
    They are even worse than the zombies we imagine in our minds,
    They are constantly hunting for innocent flesh and lives to find.

    The devil rests in the deepest chambers of each one’s heart and mind,
    To cause robbery, murder, and horror was what they were assigned,
    The devil’s intent is reflected by their wicked, gleaming eyes,
    Their rotting, decaying hearts are embedded in their souls as they die.

    They have roamed across the globe and they have immediately spread,
    And they have brought with them the long-feared horrible curse of the dead,
    Our people are hiding as hostages in such a wonderful day,
    Fearing the truth that their lives may be lost by the glinting sword’s sway.

    During this wonderful holiday season, we are forced to stay,
    In our homes without enjoying entertainment or leisure all day,
    It became so horrible that even people at home fear doom,
    And constantly live worriedly in their houses and in their rooms.

    The events we are witnessing today are the greatest curse yet,
    If it continues on humankind, the sun shall forever set,
    The noises of enrage, weeping, and crying shall forever ring,
    There shall never be joy but only a dark moaning tune to sing.

    But with Jesus Christ, our purpose shall forevermore remain strong,
    Altogether, we can unite as a very powerful throng,
    We shall preserve the precious rights guaranteed by our great fathers,
    We shall forever guard and protect our sons and daughters.

    May Jesus Christ forever shed on our nation His holy light,
    May our precious country never retrieve from under His loving sight,
    May God forever take pity on us during harsh times of plight,
    May He forever shield, guard, and protect our people by His might.

  7. The shrieks of fear
    The growls of hunger
    Holding back the tears
    We can’t hide forever

    Little was prepared
    So many are lost
    They are not scared
    You can’t hear the ticking clock

    They stumble near
    Drawn by our scent
    We have our gear
    We must fight ’til they’re gone

  8. these are all epic!

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