Writing Prompt!

From Grace: Think of your favorite winter activity and describe it using the five senses to the best of your ability.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments. Bonus points if you make it a poem for our poetry focus this month.


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  1. Liquid sweetness,
    Hot and smooth, sliding through,
    my throat from the mug,
    like a snake of warmth.

    Cuddling, cocoa,
    Star Wars, and a heat/cold contrast.
    It smells like pine cone cologne,
    as the tree scents our cocoa and movie scene.

    Drinking Hot Chocolate,
    a fuzzy sweetness,
    a warm activity,
    in a cold season.

    • This is a very interesting poem, Christopher. I especially liked how the five senses were applied when drinking hot chocolate. This poem truly made me see drinking hot chocolate in an entire different light. I shall consider these sensations the next time I drink hot chocolate this month. Thank you for writing it. 🙂

  2. Loud noises, talking, and laughter surround me as we are all in a perpetual dance around the kitchen. The soft warmth of the radiators and heaters keep us all warm during this cold season. Each one of us participating in this activity, with bowls, trays or soft dough in hand, dodge each other and smile. A sweet, delicious smell wafts through the house, causing all who are not helping to have watering mouths. Although we try not to eat while we bake, the warmth and taste of freshly baked cookies still fills our mouths. We are all smiling, and racks of holiday cookies are stacked across the counters, accompanied by assorted bowls of different batters.

    • This is a wonderful piece, Kaylyn. Your paragraph reminds me of Christmas Eve when my family would be gathered in the kitchen to help out with cooking the grand Christmas meal. Thank you for posting this 🙂

  3. She raced down the snowy hill, calling out her brother’s name. “Junior, Junior! Come here!” He did not reply and she laughed into the emptiness. A lone snowflake stole a kiss from her cheek, falling happily to the ground. She tried once more, “Junior, come here!” Still no reply. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she was hit in the shoulder with a snowball. The speed of the circular object left her shoulder throbbing, her arms cold. She spotted her brother only a few feet away, a sly smile spread across his red face. His button nose was the color of the red Christmas tree sash, his eyelashes wet with the frozen water. She knelt to the wet ground, quickly gathering as much snow as she could fit in her small, child-like hands. She crushed the snow into a perfect snowball and stood, aiming for Junior. “I’m coming for you,” she called out to him. He stole some snow from the ground, similar movements as she had just done. She threw the ball right at his face, waiting to see it crash. It landed on top of his head; he slowly shook his head and out the snow drops fell. He threw an equally large snowball at her chest and as it landed on her, she could taste the wonderful pleasure. For hours each night, they would battle in snow ball wars, fighting until death; or at least until their mother would call them in for warm baths.

  4. Skating Sensation

    After wearing my skates, I venture out onto the ice,
    The glimmering glassy appearance of it does entice,
    Man’s heart to appreciate Winter and its grand glories,
    And the beautiful tales we hear of it and its stories.

    Although after Autumn, creatures flee, seek shelter, and hide,
    Upon what is perceived as Winter’s cold and bitter stride,
    Nevertheless, winter does harbor a great mystery,
    Of how it can cause much fright yet also serenity.

    Skating is an art that truly evokes many grand dreams,
    As I skate, the soft snow ‘round me majestically gleams,
    As my skates scratch the smooth ice, a cool breeze brushes my hair,
    As I skate, I experience Winter’s grand elegant flair.

    As I glance at champion skaters and their grand stunning stunts,
    They always impress the human mind as they can’t be blunt,
    I have always wanted to skate and I shall today start,
    To master the movements of this grandly breathtaking art.

    I sigh as I yearn much to skate in expertise like them,
    Should I practice daily, the audience will never condemn,
    On a flawed performance, but would rather gasp in amaze,
    And my skating would stun the people with a speechless daze.

    As I continue every day to practice to be great,
    I felt that on one grand day, I shall in expertise skate,
    I placed a plan in my mind to become an expert too,
    Once I achieve this great goal, it would be a dream come true,

    Soon, a skating show was hosted in our community,
    As I went to skate, my heart pounded with anxiety,
    While skating, the dreams of my youth were in my mind instilled,
    As a cool breeze brushed my hair, my heart was with courage filled.

    Afterwards, I earned a perfect ten by those judges three,
    They said that the best skater was who I could truly be,
    The entire audience stood up and started clapping wildly,
    They started showering proud praises that rang so sweetly.

    Then, the entire audience walked to a close snow cone stand,
    I skated on the smooth ice until I reached snowy land,
    The cook brought cones that reminded me of summer and sand,
    I tasted the cold yet sweet desert while feeling quite grand.

    • I love this! Do you really skate? I tried writing a poem about skating but I’m terrible at poems.

      • Thank you so much, Kaitlyn! I am actually trying my hand at ice skating and attempting to be as good as the experts themselves, even though I am still far from that right now.

        Moreover, in the past, I myself was never able to write poetry as good and I used to envy other people who could write poetry well. Nevertheless, I read many poetry pieces by many good poets. Then, I prayed and I practiced much poetry myself until now I can finally do it! You can also attempt reading many poems by other poets and you will soon become a star poet and I have no doubt about that! 🙂

  5. The cold winter ice melts through my gloves,
    The soft cold breaches my fingers.

    A white canvas surrounds me,
    I’m encased in a state-wide snowglobe.
    The ease of making shapes,
    Is made from the collapsing water,that now lays sticky.

    One Circle,
    It’s plump, but the cold breeze keeps the shape in place.

    Circle Two,
    Smaller than the first, easier than the last.

    Fingers are now ice cold and nose is bright red,
    I think my cheeks are starting to join the cold comfort.

    Circle Three,
    The smallest and most cherished,
    The face of winter.

    A snowman takes shape in the midst of the quiet.
    It solemnly speaks of childhood in this winter hill.
    The cold chill in my hands,
    Now holds that warm memory.

    • I truly loved this, Madison! I especially loved the line, “A white canvas surrounds me, I’m encased in a state-wide snowglobe.” Outstanding work, Madison! 🙂

  6. I know this is terrible but I tried.
    Ice Skating
    The wind in my hair
    Hot chocolate in the air
    The world whirling around
    I begin to sit down
    Spinning whirling flying
    “Perfection!” She’s crying.
    All the while, the judges stare
    At me. ME! Flying through the air

    • Wonderful work, Kaitlyn! I especially loved the rhyming you provided in your poem! I truly loved the sensory feeling that you conveyed when you wrote the sentence, “The world whirling around”, which is a true feeling that can be felt while ice skating and performing a pirouette. Beautiful piece of literature, Kaitlyn! 🙂

  7. My pleasure, Kaitlyn! Moreover, thank you for asking. I am in the beginner level right now, but I am gradually growing to the intermediate level! 🙂

  8. As soon as I was sure everyone was asleep
    I stole down to the living room

    The embers were still glowing softly
    The same sleepy warmth permeated the air
    Grabbing a blanket, a book (well, a few)
    And a seat, I began to read. And read

    Just as my watch flashed one
    A hand materialized out of the darkness
    I blinked slowly, for surely I would have realized
    My brother making hot chocolate in the kitchen
    Just three feet away.

    I smiled gratefully, and marked my page
    And reached out for the deliciously warm mug
    Breathing in the scent of cocoa and chocolate syrup
    The first sip scalded my tongue, but it was ignored

    At some point in the night (well, morning)
    Our half-empty cups found their way on the floor
    And as the embers glowed their last shade of gold
    And the only sound was the rustle and crackle of paper
    We did nothing but read. And read

  9. The fire in front of me gives of a soft glow and heat. The warmth of the fire feels wonderful against my cold skin. Sometimes, in this incredibly hot state of Florida, it gets cold enough to have a bonfire. I find bonfires to being extremely relaxing and enjoyable. Watching the flames dance around whenever the wind blows. Seeing the embers float up into the sky, looking like fireflies. Enjoying the sweet taste of a marshmallow cooked over the fire. Making s’mores when we have chocolate bars and graham crackers, along with the marshmallows. My most favorite part about it though, is the soft crackling of the burning wood. The sound fills in the quiet of the night, making it more relaxing. Though, many times my sisters invite friends over, and it’s not so quiet anymore. Even though my introverted self likes to be alone, watching my sisters and their friends have fun around the fire makes it even more enjoyable.

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