Athena by Shelby

Athena is terrified. She didn’t listen to her mother’s orders and went into the forest. She found a gorgeous flower, and grabbed it. She ripped it from the rich soil, so she could give it to her mother as a gift. Athena didn’t know that when she grabbed that flower, there would a tunnel that leads into King Pluto’s palace. Pluto tried getting her to come with him, but when she refused, he grabbed her. Athena was scared; she had never thought this would ever happen to her. Pluto tried comforting her, telling her she would be fine. He offered her a drink from the magic stream. Athena didn’t drink it, but she realized he was going to try and trick her, so she decided she would not eat nor drink anything while with him. It took a while, but they finally arrived at the Palace. The castle was colored a cold grey, with gargoyles at the top, and had the structure of a gothic building. The door had a brass lion’s face, as the knocker. If you ignore the gargoyles, you can see how many layers this building has. There were bars on the sides of the windows, the place felt like a dungeon. Pluto came off of his horse, and sent the chef to make food, lots of it, served with water from the magical stream. Pluto then led Athena into her room, and asked her to do what she pleased. She spent two days locked away in her room, crying. The third day, curiosity overwhelmed her. She started to walk around the castle. Pluto found her and asked her not to go into the west wing. Athena ignored him, and went to the west wing. She was trapped, inside a dungeon. She wanted to know why these people were in the dungeon. She spoke to the prisoners for hours, learning all of the childish reasons. There was one man who stayed quiet, she asked him why he was here, and he replied “I did not follow King Pluto’s orders.” She spent a few minutes speaking to the prisoner, and asked him if she let him and the rest of them go, would he help her go back to her mother? She finally organized a plan to free the prisoners, and bring King Pluto down. She told the prisoners what she was planning to do, while Pluto was outside the dungeon door, listening to her. He threw Proserpina into the dungeon. Athena found little object like nails, and bones to unlock the doors. They want to finish their plan. They finally finish their plot. They get King Pluto, and throw him into his very own cell. They left him there to rot, and sooner or later, die. Everyone wanted Athena to rule the kingdom, but she refused, excited to get back to her mother. The man that promised her helps her get back home. He didn’t have anywhere to go, so she invites him inside. Months pass, and her mother and the man announce their marriage plans. Everyone lives happily ever after… Well except for King Pluto.


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  1. I truly enjoyed reading your short story, Shelby. Your imagery and descriptions truly spark the imagination. I especially appreciated the theme you included in your tale, which is to always listen to wise people’s advice in order to avoid trouble. Thank you so much for writing this! 🙂

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