Sweet Savior, Serene Sensation by Mabel

There is much joy that arouses during the holiday season,
I assure you that we celebrate for a very good reason,
We commemorate a special event that grants us quite pleasure,
We celebrate an event we harbor in our hearts as treasure.

On a beautiful exotic land that lies across the vast sea,
A special event occurred that was recorded in history,
A very special birth had taken place on that specific day,
The birth of the King of kings, Who is still alive with us today.

This young King was born in a humble manger one wonderful night,
And a large star shone in the sky and brought to the dim Earth much light,
It was joyfully commemorating our Savior’s humble birth,
He was to bring salvation, light, and joy to the dwellers on Earth.

Then, an angel appeared to certain shepherds on that same bright night,
The angel informed them of the special birth that gave Earth this light,
And how God’s Son was born in a small stable in Bethlehem’s field,
To shed His blood and have the covenant between God and man sealed.

Later, three kings from three kingdoms arrive with gifts and precious things,
They are travelling far to worship and to let their praises ring,
In Christ’s ears and across Bethlehem and its quiet countryside,
This wonderful and precious Child in our hearts shall always reside.

So you see, there is a grand reason why we celebrate this day,
And why we regularly go to church, sing hymns, and always pray,
It’s to praise and thank Christ our Savior who died on Calvary’s tree,
So you and I from the chains of our sins be forever set free.


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