Writing Prompt!

From Natalie: Have a character’s patience be tested, write their reaction.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments. Bonus points if you make it a poem for our poetry focus this month.


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  1. Donna’s Dilemma at the Dentist

    On Monday morning, I went to the dentist to have my teeth checked,
    I did not realize that my experience there would have my nerves wrecked,
    I did not realize that I would wait there for quite a long time,
    And how I would regret all the money I spent, each precious dime.

    Just as I hoped that the dentist would come soon and call out my name,
    The nurse walked in and called someone else and my story went the same,
    I felt as if I were to stay in that waiting room forever,
    So then, I started fidgeting with my handbag made of leather.

    As I did, I was startled when I suddenly heard a loud zip,
    I slowly lowered my head and realized that my bag did rip,
    I was awfully indignant as I raised my head to the sky,
    I tightly held my handbag and with great frustration, I did sigh.

    Later, I stood up and started pacing around the waiting room,
    I earnestly hoped that the nurse would walk in and call my name soon,
    However, she walked in and called someone else’s name once again,
    I slumped back on my chair and I became very frustrated then.

    I waited as I my heart pounded steadily and I grew upset,
    There was much more anger hidden in my heart that was not shown yet,
    With my leg, I hit the ground in a very hard and sudden stroke,
    I soon sighed in frustration when I learned that my shoe’s high heel broke.

    Very soon, I grew very exhausted and I nearly did sleep,
    As my eyes became heavy, I felt a person quietly creep,
    When I opened my eyes, I saw that it was the nurse waking me,
    I was so very startled upon seeing her as you can see.

    At that instant, I tightly grasped her arms as I started to plead,
    To the dentist room I begged the nurse to walk me in and to lead,
    I explained that I could no longer stand waiting in this small room,
    Because for two hours I have waited and I have experienced doom.

    The nurse stood in shock with her mouth opened as she started giggling,
    She said that she started calling my name and her voice was ringing,
    But she started to search around quickly when she heard no reply,
    When she saw me asleep, she giggled and with compassion did sigh.

    So afterwards, she led me to the dentist’s room with a bright smile,
    As I sat on the patient’s large seat, she checked my medical file,
    Then she asked me a few questions regarding my oral welfare,
    She wrote my answers very quickly and in amaze, I did stare.

    Then, she told me to wait a few minutes to bring the doctor,
    I froze as I grew anxious and believed she needed a good proctor,
    To make certain that she would bring the dentist immediately,
    Without a menacing distraction or delay as you can see.

    However, the entire errand went a lot faster than I thought,
    After about five minutes, the good doctor was in the room brought,
    He gave me a friendly greeting and he performed oral hygiene,
    As I walked out, a bright smile shone on my face that could be well seen.

    I thought all about what happened as I walked home that afternoon,
    I thought of how I would behave the next time I visit them soon,
    I realized that my experience had a lesson to teach me,
    That I have always thought of and treasured throughout the years, you see.

    Time passes and waiting grouchily or gaily doesn’t make a difference,
    But I would have been much wiser if I had shown benevolence,
    I learned that pouting does not change the property or speed of time,
    And to every impatient person, I always taught them this rhyme.

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