Writing Prompt!

From Maleeka: Start your piece off with, “This could be the first and last time we ever meet…”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments. Bonus points if you make it a poem for our poetry focus this month.


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  1. This could be the first and last time we ever meet,
    Though our little time together was a treat.

    It’s one of those things, no one every really knows,
    How one day, our life just goes.
    How long, sometimes, life does seem,
    But this life is all but a dream.

    In the blink of an eye, our time is out,
    But it’s how we choose to go about.
    How we live, is our choice alone,
    If we want to live it on a phone.

    In the end, will you look back?
    And be able to say, that you stayed on track?
    Sometimes, in life, we wander astray,
    That is something we all must say.

    So live your life as if it were the day,
    When all your moments are lined array.
    Did you do the best that you could?
    Did you take all your chances to do good?

    Do these things, now, before time runs out,
    Because when life’s gone, the choice, you’re without.
    So express your love to those you do,
    And they, as well, should do this for you.

    For no one knows when life will end,
    And when it does, the mistakes, you can’t mend.
    So tend to them now, when you still have time,
    And you will find life to be sublime.

    One day soon, we all will die,
    But on that day, some of us, will fly.

  2. Sweet Sorrow

    This could be the first and last time we would ever meet,
    However, that experience was truly very sweet,
    At last, I found my long lost mother across the sea,
    Whom I was searching for seven whole years anxiously.

    My papa and I lived lonely when mama was lost,
    Our warm home’s atmosphere turned cold and our hearts were frost,
    I’d witness my papa shedding tears as he did pray,
    As coldness settled in our hearts and swept out warm gay.

    She was to check on our business in New York on a ship,
    But there was a horrible ending to that sad trip,
    Mama was feared to have drowned in the ocean water,
    The sea is truly a grave that commits manslaughter.

    Nonetheless, instead of singing a dreadfully sad blues,
    I started searching daily for evidence and clues,
    I searched our house and around our large community,
    For the smallest piece of evidence frantically.

    I truly believed that mama might still be alive,
    So I would every day search while sweating and indeed strive,
    However, our neighbors deemed that I became insane,
    Searching our town’s port where mama left and every lane.

    Police services ‘cross the states searched our whole nation,
    However, they didn’t find her and this caused frustration,
    Nonetheless, I continued searching for clues to see,
    If there was a kidnapping, murder, or burglary.

    However, I have searched much with no avail those days,
    And our hopes of ever finding mama went astray,
    I’m now fifteen but I well recall when I was eight,
    ‘Twas indeed difficult to have my sadness abate.

    After seven harsh years, I have finally revealed,
    The answer to this mystery and the case was sealed,
    With my results, our nation’s police were truly pleased,
    Nevertheless, our impatient worries hadn’t yet ceased.

    We discovered that my mother was kidnapped to France,
    This clue caused me with gayness yet with worry to dance,
    My papa and I both knew we had to quickly pack,
    To find my mother and confidence is what we did lack.

    We quickly boarded a plane headed to that country,
    We could not wait to land there to see mama with glee,
    We were very anxious about my mother’s wellbeing,
    For our hopes now seemed to be dim as we were seeing.

    The moment we reached France, we searched frantically ‘round,
    As we roamed Paris, we were truly awed with astound,
    At the wonderful architecture that truly did seem,
    To sparkle like gemstones as they continued to beam.

    After much frantic searching, we have finally found,
    My mother sitting lonely and cold without a sound,
    I felt happiness in my heart like never before,
    Sadness was swept away and joy was what I now bore.

    The moment my mother saw us she ran and hugged me,
    She said she apologized and she was so sorry,
    For the kidnapping that occurred many years ago,
    But I whispered to her that it was alright, so-so.

    She explained that she escaped about two weeks before,
    She hid from the three kidnappers with great fear so sore,
    She didn’t have money so she lived like those poor homeless,
    But she continued to pray without being hopeless.

    She was surprised at how much I grew in seven years,
    She admired my appearance as she started shedding tears,
    I felt great sympathy and I joined her sobbing too,
    As the sun started to set in a warm orange hue.

    As my mother stood up, my father showed her a gift,
    As she glanced at it, it caused her low spirits to lift,
    As she unwrapped it, she discovered it was a ring,
    It made her feel so festive that she wanted to sing.

    He explained that he bought it in France this afternoon,
    He earnestly hoped to show it to my mother soon,
    For their anniversary was today, July three,
    His news filled our hearts with much happiness and great glee.

    At that starry moment, Shakespeare’s quote came to my mind,
    To our situation, it would wonderfully bind,
    “Good night! Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,
    That I shall say good night till it be morrow.”

    I learned that when we rely on Jesus, we can’t fail,
    For with our Savior and Father we’ll always prevail,
    I learned the power of prayer and its effects in life,
    That diminishes dilemmas and resolves all strife.

    That evening, as the warm orange sky turned to twilight,
    We watched the Eiffel Tower light up brightly that night,
    We watched fireworks that lit the sky with red, white, and blue,
    Which symbolized our adventure and our dream come true.

  3. Meet Me

    This could be the first and last time we ever meet, so meet me.
    On the last night I dream, when midnight sings, I am drifting
    So maddening is my flight, I’m too far away
    But at the end of the day, beyond any peace, meet me.

    If this were my first and only chance, I don’t want you to fall like me
    I had my chance, under the stars which breathed my dream, I strayed
    Come, shift the world for me, if this is the last chance be with me
    I can’t seem to find me, only the trail me heart leads, meet me.

    In her fall, Persephone became a queen, made the earth mourn her
    In my fall, only I mourn me, and no crown for me
    But you, as Atlas, holds the sky, you hold me eye
    This could be the first and last time we ever meet, meet me.

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