Writing Prompt!

From Natalie: Write out a thank you note to your protagonist.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments. Bonus points if you make it a poem for our poetry focus this month.


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  1. I thank you for the days that you fueled the flames of my inspiration.
    For being the one thing I can count on,
    The thing I can rely on when the tears start coming down like waves.

    I rely on you for integrity, though sometimes you slip away from me.
    But I thank you for the ability to reiterate the right meaning of my words.

    I love that you are creative, and how you’ve finally taken control of your outlets,
    You no longer let people puppeteer you,
    Now you hold all your strings.

    I thank you for growing wiser at times, but believing in magic all the same.
    I thank you for being a listener, and having so much to say now because of it.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been able to thank you before,
    Because I hadn’t realized the person doing all this for me,
    Was me.

    So I am thanking myself, for finally believing in me.

  2. Thank you for enduring the pain and confusion.
    I know being part of it all is hard.
    Despite the fact you aren’t real.
    You exist in my thoughts.

    Thank you for not giving up.
    I made you strong and blunt.
    Even when you want to leave it all,
    you still put up a fight.

    Thank you for being the glue to my story.
    The one that makes it solid.
    The outcome would’ve been so different,
    if you didn’t do your part.

  3. A Song of Thanksgiving to the Lord

    Thank You so much Lord Jesus Christ for absolutely everything,
    Thank You for all the colorful birds and the sweet songs they sing,
    Thank You for all the various types flowers and their pleasing scent,
    Thank You for Your beautiful nature that brings to man’s heart content.

    Thank You for Your beautiful natural picturesque scenery,
    That decorates the Earth and pleases man’s eye with glitter and glee,
    Thank you Lord for the wonderful bright sunshine rays that warm our hearts,
    And for the rain that soothes our senses and blooms nature to be an art.

    Thank You for our warm wonderful home that we reside in cozily,
    Thank You for the soft furniture that we lay on comfortably,
    Thank you for each ornament and commodity that we possess,
    And for each piece of clothing we have that we use daily to dress.

    Thank You for the talents you gifted us for Your entertainment and glory,
    Thank You for each one as each one of them leads its own grand story,
    They truly provide us with much benefit and much enjoyment,
    We thank You for all the gifts You granted us of great assortment.

    Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for every member of my family,
    For each one is like a jewel on the family crown shining brightly,
    Thank You Lord for the clothes that shelter us and change our appearance,
    Thank You for the health that You gifted our minds and bodies to experience.

    Thank You for everything else that is beyond what our mind can think,
    Thank you for the wonderful food that we consume and for every drink,
    For each gift that You give us is a gem that we direly need,
    That we should never take for granted but rather kneel and for it plead.

    May You Lord bless each one of the dwellers who roams upon the Earth,
    May You appear to them and give them a glorious spiritual birth,
    May we all unite as a strong throng and raise our praise to Your ear,
    May our voices ring and let everyone in Heaven and Earth hear.

    May we declare and prove Your providence among Earth’s people,
    For we are truly Your church and You are indeed our great steeple,
    May all people of all nations come to You to serve and to pray,
    May all people of all nations meet as one in Heaven someday.

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