Writing Prompt!

From Grace: Think of your (current) favorite song’s lyrics—use one lyric as the beginning of a short story and write for 10 minutes.

Write for 10 minutes. Post to comments!


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  1. Is this what I was meant to see? How could this happen; when did this start. Perhaps, I’ve done wrong to him. I could have treated him better, been a better person. No, this can’t be my fault! He hurt me in more ways than one, but this situation… It’s different. I don’t understand how I, no, we came to this conclusion. Maybe I should have left with Katy. All of this could have been avoided. We could have still been together. I mean, do you want to? With all the dancing and partying, we could easily say that this never happened. That you never cheated on me. That you never broke my heart, shattering it, just like this wonderful relationship that we share. Nothing is wrong now and were still happy as if we never went to the party. A time where we were considered the “perfect” couple. Where everyone wanted to be like us. Where everyone thought that we loved each other. Where everyone could not see the clouded pain within my eyes because my happy smile distracted them. So yes, we can be together. We can forget about the past, right?

  2. The hills have eyes. I feel them watching me as I walk through the valley, they’re judging me, waiting for me to make my choice. To the left is a sea of green, trees of every species are dancing in the wind and women in beautiful white gowns are twirling and singing in glorious tones. To the right is a sunken crater, filled with people in black dancing around fires and singing, but not as beautifully as the ladies on the left. The people on the right are singing freely, how they please, even though it is not beautiful. I feel as though I am being watched with so much intensity that if I make one wrong move the world will collapse into chaos. This is the only choice that will ever matter in this lifetime, because it will stay with me throughout the numerous lifetimes to come. I took a step forward, the hills did not move, the sun did not fall out of the sky, and gravity did not cease to exist, but there was no longer any singing.

  3. I am barely breathing. Under the rubble of the destruction caused by the government as a “preemptive” strike against the rebels, I find my true purpose. I am supposed to give people peace, the love that’s been centuries lost. But…I can’t find the air. I try to imagine a world without a symbol of acceptance, a model of the perfect person. I was generated scientifically in a lab, with these thoughts running through my mind. I had seen them before, but nothing has ever made more sense than it does now. I am to be a savior. Little known, I suppose, but hopefully successful in the end. I take a minute, to find the oxygen that has escaped my body, the gills that automatically rise from my skin in deep water. I breathe in the salt of the ocean around me, I struggle to escape the grate my leg has caught in. If I am to be the perfect survival machine, where’s the idea on how to free myself? I shake my leg, but nothing finds a way out. The wall finds it’s way into the ground, trapping my in the aqua. I feel my pulse disintegrate to a slow, homeostasis- maintaining sleep. As I’ve been told, when my body recognizes no logical way out of a situation, it will induce a death-like state, to be rescued later. This is to reduce my chances of actually dying. I sigh, the bubbles escaping. My eyes began to feel heavy, as if being pulled down by Jupiter’s gravity. I felt a tug, and then another, and another, but I drifted into my sleep, knowing I would awake in a lab.

    I was surprised to find differently. It appears someone had saved me from the water, someone had risked their lives to save me from my sleep. I sat up in the wooded room.
    “Feeling better?” a woman asks, sitting in a chair perpendicular to the table, which in turn was adjacent to the bed. After a moment, she replies with,”I know it’s not much but I call it home.”

    “Where am I?” I ask.

    “Ma’am, you have found yourself in Haven. It would do you best to rest, rebel, We need you to end the government’s control.” I comply, because I do not know what she’s capable of. She saved me when I couldn’t save myself. What secret is she hiding?

  4. “This is not a test.” He paused, his eyes searching mine.
    I took a deep breath and nodded, so I’d been told. This was do-or-die time. Quite literally.
    He patted me on the shoulder, then pushed me towards the door. I inhaled, closing my eyes, then opening them with a long exhale. I took one more, final step into the room, hearing the door slide close with a swish.
    I tilted my head, listening carefully. Click, click, click, click. Not quite the sound of a mouse tap or a computer keyboard, but something more, interesting. Clicks of a chain, cranking back, of an iron door, pulling open.
    A slow smile played my lips and I dropped to the ground, pressing my ear to the cold concrete. The floor vibrated, and I felt a heavy footstep shake the surface. I knelt one knee under my body, and pushed myself onto my feet, unable to shake the unreasonable joy. It was foolish of me to be so happy in this moment, but for some reason, pleasure ran through my every vein. I could not help myself.
    I should have been worried, but I was past that. I did not have time for such things as stress. If these were truly going to be my last moments, I was most certainly going to enjoy them. But I had a feeling I would live to remember this moment.
    “What are the rules, again?” I asked boldly with a wide grin. As if I could forget them.
    “Live,” Came the deep, static voiced reply, “Or don’t.”
    I saluted comically, then bowed without respect, looking up to face my challenge.
    A throaty roar controlled the air, sending pain racing through my ears.
    My lips pulled even further apart, and my eyes lit up in excitement.
    This would be a day, I would never forget.

  5. A Solacing Song

    “What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear,”
    In my heart, I feel this hymn’s grand elegance and gentle flair,
    That floods any atmosphere with sweet words flowing through the air.

    Every time I hear those sweet words flowing gaily to my ear,
    My tongue starts moving helplessly to sing out these words that I hear,
    That solace our weak hearts and relinquish all sadness and fear.

    Indeed, Jesus is our dearest and most faithful friend,
    When we are in need, His loving and mighty hand He does lend,
    When we feel great sadness, words of solace and love He does send.

    When my family and I were driving one June afternoon,
    Our car’s wheel became flat and we were stranded very soon,
    We were fearful of being stranded for a long time and face doom.

    However, the key to our salvation was to kneel and pray,
    For the Lord to rescue us out of this situation that day,
    And for us to pursue our trip and continue on our way.

    While hope was becoming dim and we believed we would not go,
    I continued praying and strongly believed that it would not be so,
    Even though our patience and hope truly seemed to be quite low.

    However, our prayers were answered and a mechanic arrived,
    He stepped down from his truck and into this roadside work he dived,
    He worked quite hard with sweat on replacing our wheel as he strived,

    Afterwards, he left as he started waving to us goodbye,
    Then he stepped in his truck and drove as he vanished from my eye,
    I then learned that for help, only on Jesus could I rely.

    I could not but feel much joy in my heart and mind,
    For true solace and salvation was what we can find,
    When we surrender our hearts to Jesus, we now with Him bind.

    I can assure you of what a friend we have in our great Lord,
    Who has the power to dissolve any foe and any sword,
    And Who always protects us and heals our hearts’ bruises and sores.

    I shall always pray for the Lord to provide a gift for you,
    To help you in any problem when you don’t know what to do,
    I pray to God to turn your nightmare into a dream come true.

  6. I’m seriously loving all of these stories! Incredible, and I get to expand my song knowledge in the process

  7. lifeisfair (without dot in email)

    This is one of my favorite ways to get story ideas! Turning songs into short stories is so fun

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