Writing Prompt!

From Maleeka: Finish the sentence: “It’s been five thousand twenty five hundred six hundred minutes since…”

Write for 10 minutes. Post to comments!

Bonus points if you can name the song this prompt is from.


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  1. It’s been,
    Three hundred and fifteen thousand three hundred and sixty minutes,
    Five thousand two hundred and fifty six minutes,
    87 hours,
    3 DAYS,
    And not a word has escaped me.
    Not a word is written on my page,
    Not a thought is passing my mind.
    Writers block has a strong grip on me,
    And it won’t let go,
    I’m not quite sure what to do,
    There’s none of the flow.
    I wish it was gone,
    Three days was enough,
    I think I need to get a little tough.

  2. Uggh, so sorry I couldn’t make it to the meeting tonight, we had guest over.

    • I am so sorry for that, Emilee, but you can still view the recording of the meeting yesterday. We hope to see you soon at the next meeting!

  3. Cassidy Klette

    It’s been five thousand twenty five hundred six hundred minutes since I have been able to write and work in the club. But now that I have time, here I am!

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