Writing Prompt!

From Rosalind: How did your character celebrate the New Year? What did they do, who were they with, where did they go, and did they have fun?

Write for 10 minutes. Post to comments!


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  1. “Another round?” I ask.

    “Yeah, sure. We have nothing else better to do since your mom took our phones.” Kylie replies. I collect the cards and shuffle them, and dealt out the next round of Rich Man Poor Man, a Japanese card game.

    “This is actually a fun game, given the poor description of the rules you gave us, Izzy.” Rebecca observes.

    “I just learned the game myself. Revolution.” I say in defense, and to the game itself, reversing the order of items.

    “Counter revolution.” Kylie pronounced, restoring the original order.

    “Who’s Rich Man this round?” Kassandra asked.

    “Izzy is. I gave her cards.” Kylie announced.

    “Hey guys, it’s 11:50, ten minutes until 2016! We have to watch at least one performance before the clock strikes midnight.” Rebecca replied.

    We followed Rebecca into the living room, where we watched Fall Out Boy perform in Hollywood, and then we excitedly awaited the arrival of the new year. “Ten, nine, eight, seven…” We counted the last seconds of the year. “three, two, one, Happy New Year!” We followed tradition, well, except for the new year kisses. We didn’t care, it was fun to have an all female teenage party (My mother was there, but she was as much a teenager as the rest of us), without any cellular devices holding us from having actual human conversation. It was relieving, to release the need for social interaction in the natural way, not through a screen.

    “I want to do this every year.” Kassandra confessed. We all had various shouts, but each had a positive feedback to that comment.

    “This should be a tradition.” I said. “A way to cleanse us from our internet obsession at the start of every year.”

    “Yeah, definitely.” my mother encouraged.

    I smiled, knowing that this, is how I will spend New Years, for years to come.

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