A Musical Influence by Cheyenne

From the instance humankind became part of the earth, music was illustrated from the soles of our feet, the beats of our hearts, and the synchronization of our hands on our time-turning drums. Music is inspiration, consideration, indignation, and fascination. We live in a world composed of sounds, tunes, moods, and rhythms, and as people, we are connected through the music we play with each other.

Songs, in all of their creative quality, greatly affect a writer’s mood when making a literary work. It is important to stay as far away from the dreaded writer’s block when making that story, and music is a helpful factor. A worthwhile exercise before beginning your writing session for the day is listening to a song you enjoy and writing a 500-1,000-word fictional story based on the messages provided to you through this song. This really gets your creative juices going and can set you in the mood for your work.

If you are like me, you cannot go a second without listening to music as you write. However, you may find it best to listen to instrumental songs rather than lyrical songs. As you write, your mind has already written the sentence before your hands do. If you are listening to a song with lyrics, you may find yourself loosing hold of that really good, descriptive sentence because your brain is trying to keep up with another person’s voice instead of your own.

However, listening to only instrumental music provides a better focus ground for you to keep your concentration as you write because your mind isn’t struggling to keep up with more words. Also, do your best to find a playlist that fits the mood of the scene you are writing. It is easy to pick songs you like, but difficult to find songs that set you in that sad mood for the conflict your character is going through. Make sure you figure out a variety of songs that fit a similar mood for the scene you are making before you settle down to write.

Music makes creativity much more passionate and expressive when you get lost in the sounds, so allow yourself to get trapped in the instruments as you write. As always, have fun and write on!


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