Writing Prompt!

From Maleeka: Write about your protagonist discovering a secret letter.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Claude just left for the grocery store. It was Meg’s only opportunity to go through the main desk. She pulled drawers open and shuffled between the papers. Most were receipts or letters of status. They were just useless materials.

    Meg bent down towards the bottom drawer. AS she shuffled through more papers, she felt the bottom of the drawer jiggle under her hand. She pulled out all the papers and pressed firmly at one end so the other would rise.

    She removed the thin plank of wood and saw that there was an envelope underneath. She picked it up slowly. The envelope was blank, nothing special about it. Inside was a letter. In case Claude showed up, she quickly shoved everything back into the drawer and ran to her room with the letter.

    She unfolded it and saw it was handwritten. It read:

    ‘This is Robert Quilad, manager of the Out of Time Hotel near the DV headquarters. I am also the parole officer for the abnormal variant Claude.

    I am contacting you for notice of my death. Several weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor that is spreading along my spine. Sadly, my past stubbornness with doctors had prevented it from being diagnosed earlier. I have been given less than two months to live.

    I do not wish to have a long and painful death. I have no family or friends to miss me. I have no need for fulfillment or desire for purpose. So, I have decided to end this burden now. I apologize to any inconveniences this may cause as I am aware Claude is not to be left unsupervised.

    Robert Quilad”

    Meg stared at the letter for the longest time. Despite all her discoveries, she still feels at a loss on what was happening in that hotel.

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