The Liebster Award Writing Prompt

Katie nominated me on her blog to answer some questions, so here they are!

What is your favorite book and why?
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. My favorite movies, books, plays, TV shows, etc, are ones that seamlessly blend comedy and drama. Stories that are deeply funny but have a very sincere emotional core speak to me the most at portraying our human experiences. Lamb does this in spades.

What is one of your biggest pet peeve?
I find it frustrating when people do something because they feel like they “should”, or it’s what they’re “supposed to do”, or they do it for someone else. As long as it’s not hurting anyone else, be true to yourself and don’t waste your time on society’s or other’s expectations.

What is/was your favorite subject in school?
ALL THE SUBJECTS. I have always loved school, and would study everything possible if I were independently wealthy. I enjoyed history and English in high school. My degree is in English Lit. If I could go back to school, I would study creative writing, women’s studies, religion, and art, before starting in on medical school, public health, wildlife and environmental sciences, and then everything else.

If you had to pick between narwhals and unicorns, which would you pick (choose wisely)?

Do you do any performing arts?
I grew up doing dance and theatre. Growing up, tap was my favorite, but I did ballet, jazz, and modern. I practically lived at our community theatre, performing mostly musical theatre. I still dance. It is an exhilarating way to celebrate life and I will never not be dancing. Currently I take hip hop, Afro-carribean, modern, and salsa.

Who is your biggest inspiration in anything?
Personally, my mom and grandma who inspire me in all ways, all the time. Besides them, I am always inspired by women all over the world and throughout history who do extraordinary things in the face of crazy opposition. In particular, I love finding out about women who history forgot, or never wanted to remember, but who accomplished really amazing things.

Star Wars or Star Trek?
I strategically straddle both with equal enthusiasm.

Coffee or Tea?
Tea! I enjoy it all, but particularly Mt. Hood vanilla black, my homemade chai, wuyi oolong, and genmaicha.

Has any of your work ever been published?
Not yet.

Do you have any pets?
Gilbert! He is my travel-sized adventurer, and pure joy.










What about you? Post your responses to the questions in the comments!


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  1. tamarlilienthal

    Awww! That dog is the cutest!

    Who is this person answering the questions?

  2. I loved this!! Thank you, Mrs. Emery, for doing Katie’s award! This was very fun to read. Gilbert is adorable! My poodle is my writing buddy. xD

  3. thewritingpegasus

    I’m so glad you did this challenge!
    I am OBSESSED with acting. I want to act every day. And also, thank you for answering narwhals. I. Love. Narwhals.

  4. Mrs. Emery, I love your answers! It’s so cool that you still dance and have participated in theatre. I used to perform in my drama department (and I’ve got to say, it really is an excellent way of letting off steam and being yourself with others). You’re probably the coolest English teacher I know xD

  5. Gilbert kinda looks like my grandmas dog Nico!

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