Writing Prompt

From Natalie: Start your story with, “the snow was colder than I remembered.”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. The snow was colder than I had remembered. It was January 8th, and the last of my family had just left from all of the holiday festivities. I miss them already, but most of all, I missed making snowmen and women with my cousins. It was my favorite time of year. The entire family lives all around the world and I never see them. It hurts so much!
    As I am walking around outside, I notice my heart grow colder. Emotionally. Why must families be separated? If it was just my immediate family, I would be okay. but if since mom and dad divorced, it has been too hard on me! I just want to end it all. This coldness, not even the winter cold, the coldness of my heart is biting at me as if I have been laying in the snow for hours in a swim suit. It feels like frostbite. My emotions are all over the place. When will dad come home? He came for the day of Christmas, and him and mom fought all day. Will I one day feel like sunshine again?

  2. The snow was colder than I remembered. After spending a year in Ecuador, I had finally returned home. I helped so many children, but it was nice to see my family again. I shivered as my feet began to freeze in the six inches. I smiled though, because it brings back so many memories of being a little child and building a fort for a snowball fight. The more I remembered, the more I wanted to play. I gathered a handful of snow, and hurled it at my mother when she got out of the car. I was finally home, and the first thing I wanted to do was have fun. She grabbed a handful of snow herself, and I tried to dodge it, with little success. I heard the laughter of a little boy, and found my 13 year old brother, snowball in hand. It was a classic kids against mom fight. I wondered if they fought like this while I was away. Maybe they were waiting for me to return. I realized, that this was family. This is what I had been missing on my trip. Why I was so anxious to leave.

  3. The snow was colder than I remembered. A chilly breeze swept past my face, tugging at my hair and biting at the skin beneath my thin sweater. Shivers racked my body, and I rubbed my hands together to keep my circulation moving. The snow slowly seeped through my shoes, dampening my thick socks.
    I missed the North. I missed the snow. I missed the cold.
    I welcomed the chilly gust of air like a long-lost friend. I wove my gloved hands beneath the snow, tossing and churning clumps of it. It oozed between my fingers, numbing my fingertips and wetting my sleeves. It sprayed my face, my hair, my clothes. My body was rigid and numb from the chilly air, but the joy that coursed through my veins seemed to almost completely block it out. I was tired of the hot, sweaty temperatures of the south. The cold cured my homesickness, and I embraced it because it was home. I was back. I was home.
    I played in the snow for a bit longer, molding snowballs in my palms and hurling them at the tree trunks, where they splattered and sprayed in all directions. I built a tiny snowman, then rolled onto my back and made my own funky-looking snow angels. I felt like a child again.
    When I was done, I picked myself up and brushed most of the snow from my clothing, pulling clumps of it from my hair. Then I rubbed my hands together again and began to head to my warm, cozy cabin for a familiar mug of hot chocolate.

  4. The snow was colder than I remembered.
    It forced a shiver down my spine and I wrapped my uncovered arms together. I had been here before, but at least then I bore three layers. Now I wore one, and short-sleeved, at that. Why had I visited in this apparel?
    The answer did not come, yet I could not wait for it. I must continue on, that much, I knew. At the very least, it would keep my freezing blood moving. I took a numb step forward and proceeded to march through the familiar scene. Without warning, as I could not feel them, my legs collapsed beneath me and I fell into the snow, the gush seeping into my skin. I gasped, but the breath was quickly released and a white cloud appeared before me at the heat expelled. My body trembled unconsciously and I might have rubbed my hands, but they were locked against the opposite arms, tucked in my elbows. I tucked my chin against my shaking chest and released a light sigh, this time, however, no fog appeared, as there was no heat to offer. This is how it always went. A single tear traced its way down my face, trailing a damp, well-trodden path that had already begun to ice over.
    I lurched suddenly and shook the dream away. My hair stood on end and a final chill raced through my veins as the thoughts were whisked away. I curled myself into a tight ball, weeping into my knees. I tried to grab onto the fleeing images, but they had already abandoned me, which forced my body into another wrack of sobs.
    For I had awakened from the fields of snow, into a world, much colder than I remembered.

  5. The snow was colder than I remembered. It had only been a year or so since I’d been away from this place I called home. Home was no longer cold, snow, rosy red cheeks, sniffles, or snow balls. Home was now beach, sand, summer, sun, and red lobster-like sunburns.
    The chill brought me back to the reality of the situation, and although I wasn’t fond of my predicament, I had no other choice. Even though my adult self had found a new place to call home, the old home was still Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Day, birthday celebrations, and holiday greetings. I was back, but not for long.

  6. The snow was colder than I remembered. It’s been a thousand years since I last stood here. The snow then was clean and crisp. It was like a fluffy white drape was thrown over the ground. It greatly contrasted against my coal-black skin. The moment I was there, there was a sudden peace with the low howls of the wind and the soft sounds of the animals.

    Now, I stare at the land with disappointment. Disappointment at my kind for what they’ve done to such a beautiful planet. The snow was filled with oils and different dirt. There was no silence, just the constant sounds of machines and yelling from the operators. The only animals visible were the bugs. Rabbits, birds, and deer were a rare phenomenon. It makes me wish that I had the courage to say something in the past. It makes me regretful that I have to capture the one person who is trying to fix the mess.

  7. The snow was colder than I remembered. It’s been an eternity, or so it felt like, since I had been back in this horrible place. It brought nothing but a flood of terrifying memories. The weird thing about this place is that everything is so pure and untouched. Little does this place know it’s seen far more horror than it could ever imagine. All these people are nothing more than monsters. I mean literal monsters.

    Years and years ago vampires started getting more daring and coming towards the larger cities and towns to try and get a fresh source of blood every now and then. One day us humans tried to fight back but it only ended in bloodshed and humans running out of their homes/ Now everyone lives behind large gates or deep inside caves. During the fight a few people actually didn’t leave this town human, I being one of them.

    I’ve been watching this colony from afar for a while now. I’ve seen impressionable young children enter but never leave, I’ve seen the same with adults. Nothing about these creatures are like what people read about. The sad part is, even the vampire council is done hearing about their murderous acts and wants something done about it. I’m going to feel awful for making them suffer like this but it had to be done. Glancing at watch and the sky I knew it would be coming soon. As soon as the sun broke through the clouds I knew it was time.

  8. The snow was colder than I remembered but the feeling that hit me was clearer than ever. The faces around me were more detailed than they had ever been, printed in my memory like the fresh footprints behind me. The tears were fresh on my cheeks, and my vision became blurry once again. Even after all these years, my heart could not accept that the worse was over and that I could move on. She wasn’t here anymore, she would never walk by this road and simply pant because of the cold. She was gone and she had taken with her a piece our hearts each. Her darlings’ face were left without her touch, our hair without a stroke. The city knew this, the birds felt this and the trees witnessed this and at the end we escaped. We escaped so that we could forget but now, I was back and it seemed as though I had never left.

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