My Nonfictional Experience – February Is Gettin’ Real…. by Rosalind

…. literally! If there is one thing I never thought I would be doing – that’s nonfictional writing. I have always appreciated the world of fiction, that being for reasons that make complete sense. Anything can happen, anyone can be made; my fiction is like a child, I raise and nurture it myself, and I work hard in shaping it into anything I wish it to be so it may succeed. I love fiction – but I’m beginning to realize – I don’t mind nonfiction, as long as it’s about something I like. I think it’s a normal thing for us to read what interests us, and vice-versa when it comes it our writing, and that rule of habit has applied itself greatly to my newest ideas – you all know I’m a reptile enthusiast – yes – of course you do.

Breeding season has started, I’ve got three girls on the road to motherhood; this being I’ll have a lot of articles and updates to write for my FB page. I also have a deeper interest that stretches beyond articles and the media posts – over this year my reading with stretch across over 10 books on Leopard Geckos, and after building my knowledge, I plan to write my own. This month has been a lot of reading (and a little bit of fictional writing, just to stay in my zone 😉 and I’ll be putting all of that gained information to use throughout this month AND throughout this year.

Of course I will remain in my comfort zone on weekend and rainy days, writing my creations and raising the children that I create in a realm that only exists in my mind, yet seems to show up in a nonfictional sense in my every day life. I’m at a point in my writing life where I’m finding the perfect balance. It’s certainly a good feeling, something I can feel proud of. It’s wonderful to come so far, to learn so much, and to develop so well as a writer – as an artist.


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