Writing Prompt!

From Rosalind: Your character is going to Prom with the person of their dreams. Write about their night in first person and do not incorporate any “I” statements (e.g., “I said”; “I held”; “I went”; etc.).

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. thewritingpegasus

    He was perfect. It was just me and him. Dancing the night away at prom, the happiest night of any girl’s life. He held me close and my best friend was a hopeless romantic for me. She said that she though he was holding me close so he could lean in for a kiss. Or maybe he loved the smell of my Silent Sparkle perfume. All that my mind told me was that this was the most beautiful night of my life, dancing under the the glowing stars on the roof at the outer-space themed prom. My friend said that my eyes were glowing and she did’t want to keep me from him any longer. She pushed me back to my date and then walked gracefully over to her date. Finally, at the last slow song of the night, he looked in my eyes so intently, my knees started to wobble. “How could you ever love someone as dorky as me?” my mouth whispered to him. He leaned forward with the slightest, most handsome smile that you would ever see, and he whispered back “Like this.” And he gave me a slow, sweet, gentle kiss. That night is a night that will always linger in my mind. He brings it up all the time. He loves to give me a nice reminder of what the kiss felt like, and every time he does, we’re at prom again, and the beautiful slow song plays in my mind. He finishes the kiss and says, “Um… How’d I do?” with a dorky smile, which makes me laugh and we kiss again, and that was the end of the best night of my life.

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