Writing Prompt!

From Natalie: Start writing with “Well, it wasn’t my worst date.”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Well it wasn’t my worst date, but definitely not my best. It was the first time I had tried the blind dates thing. At first I thought we had a connection going, I mean we both liked the color blue and loved Tigers. That’s something, right? Then the food came and one of my pet peeves is when people smack. And boy did he smack. I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t concentrate on a single conversation due to the obnoxious distraction, so I probably made a fool of myself. I tried giving him another chance to redeem himself after the food. But then he smiled and there was nothing but food in his teeth. And then he started talking about why Donald trump should be elected. I told him I wasn’t feeling well and dismissed myself. As I walked I told myself never again.

  2. “well it wasn’t my worst date.” Rin assured me brushing the dirt off his pants. I knew he wasn’t telling the truth.
    “i punched the waiter!” i wailed unfastening my hair tie and letting my hair fall down my back.
    “for a good cause, he insulted me!” Rin laughed, as we started walking away.
    the waiter had been a total jerk to Rin the entire night, ‘accidentally’ spilling several drinks on him, tripping him when he got up, and making suspiciously loud remarks about him. Finally i had enough of it and confronted him. unfortunately words turned into actions and before i knew it, i was on the floor brawling in a match if life or death. even worse, we both got thrown out back for brawling and it Spanish class has taught me anything we’re either ‘banned for life’ or ‘welcome to come back for dessert’, not really sure….i’m failing Spanish.
    “so fancy restaurants aren’t your style no big deal!. there are tons of places to go, this is New York Miyo…” Rin smiled at me and took my hand “anywhere you want, my treat.”
    I licked my lips, thinking about it, i was dirty, sore, hungry, and tired.
    “how about your place, cup noodles and Movies? and while we walk over there let’s get ice cream!” i giggled shifting from foot to foot
    “great! only the best for my knight in shining armor!” rin smiled and took my hand leading me to his house.
    best worst date ever, i thought a grin spreading on my face.

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