Writing Prompt!

From Grace: Imagine you are in a blank and empty room and given the opportunity to paint and furnish it. What would you paint? What would you put in it?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. They put me here. A room of nothing but white walls. The blank walls seem to suffocate me, the squeaky clean tile reeking with the pungent smell of bleach. I want to escape back into the world of color. So I close my eyes.

    My lips part in a hushed awe as paint cans suddenly appear around me. They are brimming with vibrant blues and soft pinks, subtle lavenders, sunset oranges, and neon greens. I itch to smear the walls with color, but the sudden display of paintbrushes stops me from finger-painting. I grab a brush, a blissful feeling washing over me as I dip it in a bright aqua and slide it along the back wall. Soon, I’m covered in all hues, the room enlightened with aqua walls accented with lavender and blush pinks. I smile a full toothy grin at the beautiful mess I’ve made. Then a grand piano finds a place in the corner of the room. The glossy black of the structure, gleaming as the dark shade transforms into a shimmery gold, the moment the color crosses my mind. A playful melody fills the air, my foot tapping with the quickened beat. Before I know it, I am full out dancing, twirling with the music. Plush periwinkle sofas appear at one end of the room, while white canopies begin to line the ceiling. Dozens of fairy lights twinkle along the walls, picture frames and Polaroid snap shots dotting the enclosure, while vivid tapestries fall to the floor creating colorful rugs over the bland tile. I dodge mix-matched furniture; king sized beds, pink vanities, mint green chairs, and pale yellow throw pillows, as I dance around the room. It is beautiful, wildly beautiful.

    But when I open my eyes it’s only to a room of nothing but white, white walls.

  2. “Well, here we are, this will be your room. I already bought paint, so you can decorate it any way you wish.” My dad informed me. I was kinda sad that I had to get a second bedroom because of my parent’s separation, but I can’t change what happened. So I had to settle, and gain a second bedroom. Shuffling into the bedroom and faking a smile, I thanked my dad. “We’ll put furniture in after the paint dries, we’ll look online as soon as you’re done.”
    He left me alone. Trying to convince myself to look on the bright side of everything, I decided that the painting on my wall should be a constant reminder to my dad that I am thinking about him and that I love him. One of the things we have in common is music, so I painted a detailed treble clef in the middle, then added several different band logos, of all genres. There was something settling by the white space left when I was done, because music is always growing. More and more people write songs everyday. Confidence arose when the work was done because there was room for more. Proud of my work, I ran out to look at furniture.

  3. My eyes flutter open, I see blank white walls surrounding me. a low hanging ceiling with a black chandelier hanging carefully placed. I walk to the wall to my left and picture a meadow in my head, as I touch the wall the meadow appears before my eyes. The light feathery grass, the delicate daisies, young fawn, and the bright blue sky covers the whole wall.
    I walk to the wall to my right, I picture in my mind my family. I put my father in the center, he stands tall and proud, I place my mother next to him, she clings to his hand, her light blonde hair thrown over one shoulder. Then I put my brother directly in front of father, seeing as he is taller then me, he looks smart, his dark green eyes that match my dads, sparkling, and inviting. Then me I place me in front of my mother, I sit on a wooden chair, crossing my legs at the ankles, I picture my light hair braided and thrown over my shoulder, like my mothers. We all in our Sunday best. On the last wall, I picture an abstract painting, full of colors, and shapes. I run back and forth dragging m hands, watching the image appear before my eyes. Once the final image is complete I lay on the smiling satisfied at my glorious work.

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