Writing Prompt!

From Grace: Start your story with: “It was then he realized she was the one who betrayed him.”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. It was then he realized she was the one who betrayed him. The air was tight, his head resisted the urge to look from the screen to her face.
    He looked.
    Her eyes bore the image on the screen.
    Her eyes found his and shaded the reflection.
    It was her, he thought wistfully.
    “You don’t understand,” the words fell like the sputter of a broken fountain. “It was for your own good.” His hazel eyes pierced through hers of fear and treason, falling away in silence. In that moment the watered ground became his mirror. His tears added to the puddle upon his reflection. “I didn’t mean to hurt you,” she whispered, “I promise.”
    The boy’s face shifted in rage, like rain burst into fire. “The last time you promised, you said you wouldn’t say anything…but you did!”
    “I’m sorry.” Her hands fell at her sides with a apathetic sigh, like that of one taking their last breath.
    “I’m sorry,” she repeated, “But I wish you’d understand the difference between betrayal and doing something about what might harm someone I love. I couldn’t let you further your own harm, David,” sighing again, she turned her gaze to him and locked them on his soft eyes, “I couldn’t let you betray yourself.”

  2. It was then he realized she was the one who betrayed him.
    “Why?” The words escaped his lips in a barely audible whisper.
    Her lower lip quivered and her kelp-green eyes filled with hot tears. She brushed the falling raindrop from her cheek, then wrapped her arms around herself, trembling slightly.
    “I’m sorry,” She cried, “I didn’t have a choice!” She took a step closer, reaching for his hand, but he yanked it away, backing up.
    He shook his head, “You always have a choice,” He looked at the ground, unable to comprehend her unforgivable act.
    “I didn’t, I had to do this.” She tried crossing the distance between the two, but he only made it wider, his despair turning to fury, “You didn’t! We had a plan, and you betrayed it! You betrayed me…” The lightning of anger faded quickly, a tear staining his shoes, where his eyes were fixed.
    A loud wailing sound filled the air, causing both heads to swivel to the noise.
    Fear sparked in his eyes and he shot a glance to her as he was accustomed to, then the reality of her lie sank in. He sprinted in the other direction, heading into the brush.
    “Please, don’t run!” She pleaded, but he ignored her, bolting through the trees.
    “Which way did he go?” An authoritative voice demanded.
    He slowed to catch the answer, leaning his ear to the words.
    The response came slowly, “I’m sorry, I don’t know.”

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