Writing Prompt!

From Caitlyn: You get to have a personal servant, but you can only choose from a selection of monsters. Do you want the mommy? The werewolf? The Lochness monster? What are the benefits and drawback of your monster? Write either a description or a story about your monster servant.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. I tapped my finger on the arm of the wooden chair, leaning against the adjacent arm whilst rubbing my forehead in impatience. A loud bang on the door caused me to jolt upward in my seat, my eyes wide and alert. I gripped my clipboard tightly, trying to prepare myself for who, or what, would walk through the door next. So far, all the applicants had been monsters. I am not saying that to be rude or anything, it was not that they were unmannerly, no, they were literal monsters. The unsuccessful morning had me discouraged, to say the least. I had even been bribed by Dracula, who had served me a full breakfast. Somehow, I found the courage to deny him, however, after he admitted to having a ‘neck-biting habit,’ as he put it.
    A softer knocking sounded on the door, and I inhaled, then released the breath slowly, calling, “Come in!”
    The door opened slowly, a dark figure shuffling in. He was covered in deep russet fur from head down, clothed in a pair of jeans ripped around mid-thigh. His legs were bent back, his knees reversed, while dark claws stretched from his paws of feet. His arms were thick and muscular, his hands akin to that of a man, yet his fingernails were replaced by ungues. His ears resembled those of a dog, pointed upward in small triangles. His face was elongated into a muzzle, his mouth perched open slightly, revealing two fangs, backed by a row of other pristine white teeth. His eyes were a beady yellow, scanning the room quickly, darting from place to place. He sniffed the air, walking slowly and silently, then paused in front of me, his eyes widening in excitement, “Is that bacon I smell?”

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