Writing Prompt!

From Natalie: Start writing with “It was a totally foolproof plan.”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. It was a totally foolproof plan, but somehow , it went wrong. I have no idea how. One moment the experiment is working curing all diseases, and the next, well, we had created monsters. Beings with no morality, sanity, and not even a shred of mercy. It scared us. All of us. We were worried what would happen if they got out, and of course, in all of our panic, they beings escaped into the outer world. I lost control of myself. I grabbed any weapon I could and began to charge someone. But logic overcame fear and panic. I realized that what I was doing was no different from what the beings were doing on the surface. I threw the crowbar into a wall, and turned the other way, running back to the dorms. Upon arriving there, he threw open the door, and ran straight to the back, where his bunk was. He reached under the mattress and grabbed a Makarov and a Famas, as well as their ammo and a few grenades. He then strapped on a leg holster, and threw the Makarov in it. As he walked out the door, he grabbed a backpack, and then headed for the kitchen. He made sure that he stocked up on some food ,water, knives, matches, and many other things that were required. He then went to the front of the bunker, took a deep breath and hit the red button on the console that would open the gate. As he walked towards the gate, he couldn’t help but wonder what lay on the other side.

  2. “It was a totally foolproof plan.”
    “Yeah, uhuh,” He heaved breath in and out of his lungs, “Totally foolproof.”
    I frowned, detecting the sarcasm that laced his voice, “What is it?” He raised an eyebrow as if debating whether I was exercising the art of rhetorical questioning. My scowl deepened, “You didn’t like my plan.”
    “Nope, I didn’t.” He straightened, crossing his arms and waiting for me to continue.
    I copied his stance, “What didn’t you like about it?”
    “Gee, I don’t know, maybe the part where you wanted us to somehow squeeze through bars two inches apart!”
    “Okay,” I sighed, “Admittedly, that part was a little far-fetched.”
    “Just that part?” His voice raised as he emphasized the second word, “What about the part where you wanted us to scale a ten foot wall?”
    My eyes narrowed, “I thought it was jump the ten foot wall.”
    He threw his hands up in the air, “Cause that’s any better!” He held out a hand, lifting a finger for each point, “What about the part where you expected us to magically find a car waiting in ignition? Or maybe the part where we drive to a secret house that no one—including us—ever knew about. A mansion, nonetheless, that is stocked full of supplies to last us for years without ever having to reenter society!”
    I rocked on my feet as he spoke, smirking slightly, “Hey, it worked, didn’t it?”

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