Today’s prompt:

You’ve entered an anti-gravity chamber. Write a poem detailing how your body is handling this.

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. I float forward, undeterred by gravity
    Here, I escape from the world’s depravity
    My eyes remain closed in deep concentration
    Yet my stomach rumbles, and not in starvation
    I try to ignore the nausea rising
    My arms spin in small circles, almost synchronizing
    I lean forward, then back, but I cannot not relax
    Try as I might, I can just not be lax
    I twist myself upright and grasp the nearby bar
    I look out my window, to find the North Star.

  2. **Did not use prompt**

    Do we breathe

    to hurt?

    to live?

    to hide?

    Do we live

    to try?

    to be?

    to die?

    Ah, the big question:

    What is the meaning of life?

    What is the purpose of all our pain,

    all our strife?

    There’s a little girl crying in the corner,

    so lost,

    so broken.

    Why does she live?

    To hurt?

    To break?

    To die?

    Ah, the misfortunes of life:

    The struggles, the pain.

    Do we have worth?

    Are we meaningless?

    Do our good deeds mean


    Why live?

    Why breathe?

    Why try?

    We’re all going to die.

    Ah, the hard questions in life:

    We so often fail to see the simplicity.

    Little girl in the corner,

    she’s loved by an unfathomable love.

    Isn’t it amazing

    how the Creator of the heavens, the earth, the galaxies

    thought the world needed one of you, too?

    Don’t cry, little girl in the corner.

    Your purpose is so much greater than this.

    Your life holds so much more meaning than this.

    Your soul is so much more precious than this.

    You’re so much stronger than this

    with the Creator of the heavens, the earth, the galaxies on your side.

  3. – Didn’t use the prompt for the third day

    The Culture soars beneath my Wings,
    The Breathy wails of Music soar through the air,
    The Talk of the Town makes it’s way through the Day.
    A mix of Sweets, a mix of Salt,
    Who knew such a Small place provides the Rhythm of Camelot.
    A Restless maiden tells her Fables,
    Old men Repeat her long Forgotten tails.
    An underrated Culture stood in my Midst,
    Perhaps it’s time to clear the Mist

  4. Didn’t use the prompt (though these are all fabulous!)

    I’m calling
    for you
    but as usual you don’t hear
    because I don’t actually speak it
    fear obstructs
    my goal

    You see
    simply put
    I am but a shadow here
    a mere observer while everyone “lives”
    Wouldn’t think
    of self-exposure

    It’s time
    I’ll change
    break out and initiate the conversation
    Reveal the colors of my words
    I think
    I’ll try

  5. I know it’s is pretty late…


    I float, I flow,
    with no control.
    Up and down, no bound

    The tie is lost,
    with big cost.
    The tie to ground, unbound

    I try to go
    support there’s no
    I flow away.

  6. I am held in a worryless oblivion,
    Slowly my body awakens,
    Moving a finger here and there,
    Why am I still floating?

    My hair is drifting all around me,
    I can’t feel the floor beneath.
    I can feel my heart pounding
    “God, please don’t let me die!”

    I don’t know how to move,
    But I can feel my body spinning.
    I’m growing dizzy,
    What’s happening here?!

    Slow deep breath in and out,
    Solid metal against my back.
    Feet pushing off the ceiling,
    “God, please don’t let this stop!”

    Blood pumping,
    Smile stretching,
    Hands steadying,
    I’m free.

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