Today’s prompt:

Describe the end of the world through the eyes of a wild animal.

Post your poem to comments!

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works, how to comment,  and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


9 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #4

  1. **Used the NaPoWriMo blog prompt**

    Chattering teeth, frost-bitten toes,

    whether we’ll freeze to death or not, nobody knows.

    Take out the heavy coats, the knee-high boots,

    watch the kids take for the snow in high pursuits.

    Stay inside and read a book,

    curl up on the couch with a thick, woolen quilt.

    Sip your hot chocolate as the wind knocks at your shutters,

    hope that next month things will be better.

    Because surely, January is the cruelest month of them all.

  2. I might be a little cynical with this one 😉 but there’s truth to it!
    (and like Misty I used to the NaPo prompt instead)
    I suppose it isn’t obvious
    to everybody else;
    For if you haven’t lived there
    how would you know yourself?

    Though advertised for lovely views
    And vacation spots galore
    Water skiing, nature walking,
    Palm tree shading shores,

    Where the sun is shining you may be finding
    The most exquisite time
    Where school is off and families come
    But there’s way more than meets the eye

    Truth is that the month July
    is actually the cruelest month–
    Where heat waves seem more powerful
    Than ones crashing in the ocean.

    Mosquitoes love to suffocate
    The “warm” but froggy air
    They once chased me from a nature trail
    Which must have been their lair.

    Humidity, a glaring sun,
    A thick body of heat
    No one stays outside for long
    Too unbearable for me!

    Don’t get me started on the theme parks
    Which in Florida aren’t hard to find
    It’s a mistake in mid-July to come
    Expect three-hour lines.

    I’d love to say it’s not all bad
    Except the rest of the year is the same
    July is the one month it’s magnified
    To the point it lives up to its name

    Don’t always believe July’s that great
    Just because it’s summer break
    A break from the heat is more enticing
    But Florida never cooperates!

  3. – Using a mix of this prompt and NaPoWriMo prompt. Excuse the sadness of it.

    In the month of June.
    My hairs stand up at great pace,
    A chilly breeze blows.

    In the month of June,
    The ground beneath me rumbles,
    Growling rapidly.

    In the month of June,
    The sky lays overhead, bright red,
    Asking for my death.

    In the month of June,
    My yellow eyes see it all,
    The world is breaking.

    In the month of June,
    When there is no more life here,
    My howls are undone.

    In the month of June,
    Where everything had purpose,
    Where the world did end.

  4. My narrowed eyes dart left to right,
    My wings spread, prepared for flight
    I launch myself into the sky, the night
    For below me, lay my forest, alight
    I eye the humans, if only contrite
    Maybe, I think, maybe just slight
    I look back to my world, burning so bright
    But smoke fills my vision, closing my eyes tight
    I shriek, yet I doubt anyone cares for my plight
    My world is gone, along with my sight
    In my future, there shall be no light

  5. The ground beneath my feet is cracking
    I run, my four legs pounding against the earth
    My gold eyes focus intently on the tasks:
    Run fast, don’t stop, do anything to survive,
    For that is how I and other organisms evolved:
    To survive, to fight, to live, to persevere

    I hear the earth hastily splitting behind me;
    It is ruthless and very eager to swallow me up
    I wonder how the earth could be so cruel
    Doesn’t it know I have to survive?
    For that is how I, and other organisms, evolved
    For billions of years, we have fought.

    The earth tears me from my thoughts
    And mercilessly pulls me into its belly
    As I fall, peace spreads throughout me
    My ancestors and I have fought to survive,
    For that is how we organisms evolved
    But for the first time in my existence, I am free.

  6. I dip and dart through the streets,
    Before settling on a rotting apple,
    One that proved too old,
    For even the starving scavengers.
    I see this world of hunger too,
    Though I am but a roach,
    I see the market empty before the sun rises fully,
    I see people trodding by,
    Barely keeping their eyes open.
    I have heard them speak of men,
    Supposedly great and powerful ones,
    Ones who say they will end this famine and war.
    I do not believe them.
    But who would trust a roach.
    I see the flash.
    I survive it.
    The bomb.
    The death.
    The bombs continue,
    Not like the first,
    The second bombs do not leave the air to burn people.
    I hear them say it everywhere, radiaton.
    I knew the men who never came here could never fix our broken society,
    But who would believe a roach?

  7. My home is gone,
    all the trees have burned,
    and all the birds that I called friends,
    Have stopped their calls and songs.

    One, two, three,
    and there goes another.
    Another ball and another boom.
    It comes closer and closer every time.

    I miss the grass,
    and I miss the sky being blue.
    Now there is only the red and orange of fire,
    and the grey results in the sky.

    They grey poison has reached me,
    and it is starting to fill my lungs.
    I remember my mother,
    and her warm soft embrace.

    I wish the humans,
    the ones who walked on two legs,
    and spoke to us with fear,
    had the intelligence to understand us.

    We would have told them,
    that there wasn’t a need for this.
    That they didn’t need so much pride,
    and that they could make peace.

    I don’t think they would have listened anyway.
    Maybe when my eyes finally close,
    I can tell them they could have fixed this,
    and maybe I’ll feel my mom’s embrace again.


  8. I am also sorry this is so sad. It has to! ‘^’

    Winter’s gone, spring has come,
    above horizon sun is low.
    Deep below, under snow,
    I am, but out should go.

    Hunger leading, cubs need feeding,
    go out on ice and snow.
    Sun is shining, snow reflecting,
    Light, I hate that glow.

    But followed by, the cubs of my,
    gazing out at sea.
    There’s something wrong, snow is gone,
    and ice I can not see.

    There is no seal, there is no meal,
    I don’t know what to do.
    My babies whine, I’m not fine,
    for breakfast there is no.

  9. I’ve felt the change for days,
    The pressure slowly slipping
    And the oxygen lessening.

    Fire burning bright
    The trees have been burning,
    I can feel my fur scorching off the bone.

    No more rivers flowing
    My mouth is dry as bone.
    I can hardly jump over a boulder.

    No bucks in view,
    I’m alone in the dying woods
    With no escape in sight.

    My heart is speeding up,
    My eyes are slowly drooping.
    My heart comes to a stop.

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