Today’s prompt:

Write a poem describing ONE of the following: a romantic first dance, a melancholy funeral, learning how to fly, discovering a super power, or escaping an evil being.

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  1. A Romantic First Dance

    We dance for the first time
    I relish in how your eyes shine
    In the core of my feeble heart
    My love for you grew from the start
    You strengthened me day by day
    Fervently molding me like clay

    I was a timid bird afraid to fly
    But you pushed me to soar high
    I spread my wings in the air
    For the first time I was fully aware
    I had harbored pointless fear
    But now bravery is what I hold dear

    Your head nestles on my shoulder
    Making my heart feel like a boulder;
    It is weighed down by intense love
    For your elegance is like that of a dove
    We sway side to side like two trees
    That are being blown by the breeze

    I will forever keep this night in my memory
    So I can hold on to our special chemistry
    When I am ancient I will look back on this night
    And remember how everything seemed so right
    Even in death you will remain in my heart
    For not even death can break us apart

  2. A Melancholy Funeral

    The void in my chest only grows stronger,
    the whole in my heart bigger.
    I need to breathe,
    but how can I?
    My lungs are crushed and withered.

    They call me heartless,
    since my eyes are dry.
    My face as hard as stone.
    But how could they know
    All my pain is locked inside.

    They say it’s okay to feel
    To cry.
    But you see that’s what I did in the first place,
    Loved someone so deeply,
    Only to watch them die.

    Encircled in a mass of black,
    this rain plummets down,
    they shield me from the wet,
    but the thunder hits and truth settles,
    now watch me drown.

    Will I ever escape this feeling?
    This suffocation pulling me under.
    Trapped inside myself,
    The hurt screaming to be free.
    I can only wonder.

    My body aches from missing.
    If only I could set back time,
    To relive my life with you
    or change your fate entirely
    because how can I live without saying goodbye?

    Time has come to face reality;
    to come to terms with his rushing call.
    I guess all I have are memories.
    But that’s okay,
    for now the tears can fall.

  3. – A mix of this prompt and the NaPoWriMo one
    I chose the funeral theme, it is a bit dark! But this is what came to mind.

    Belladonna lays,
    On the mossy green grass here,
    Where everything is laid to rest.
    Where souls are transported from the soil,
    And are lifted to better purpose.

    Belladonna leads the essence of grey,
    The tombstone matches its pale way.
    The other bright flowers offer no solace,
    What lays in the ground is still soulless.

    Belladonna makes the bravest of hearts tremble,
    For it is a reminder of a chipped family,
    Which can no longer be assembled.

    Belladonna flowers are still a curse,
    Near my heart, and near a hearse.
    I wish this flower upon no other,
    For it brings with it the death of another.

  4. (Okay, yes I have already posted. But this piece came in mind that I wrote a while ago. It sort of can go into the category of a melancholy funeral as well. Sort of. But you know I’m just going to go for it.)

    Escaping Moments:

    It’s been
    Five thousand two hundred and fifty-six minutes;
    Since I saw her laugh,
    Her full pink lips parting into a breathtaking grin as
    dimples form near her rosy cheeks
    Her nose crinkling as the sound of her elated giggles echoed through the air.

    It’s been
    Two thousand eight hundred and eighty minutes
    Since her energetic aura began to slip away,
    Her strong deep breaths, turning to strained gasps.
    Her warm glow fading into a ghostly white,
    As her fluid movements weakened until
    She collapsed.

    It’s been
    One thousand four hundred and forty minutes
    Since I’ve looked into her sapphire eyes
    Or seen her smile
    Or stopped my tears from falling.
    Because time has never existed when I was with her.
    But now reality has forced me to count the minutes
    Until they are gone.

  5. I.

    there is a lime tree in my backyard with thin twig branches;
    with its oval leaves that crowned those sticks
    which jut out with wobbly
    and vulnerable arms.
    once i went to see if flowers would ever bloom there
    and limes could ever grow there.
    there were none to be found.
    watering it and feeding it new soil,
    coaxing it to thrive, peering in between
    the green to see a hidden flash of white.

    i guess it wasn’t strong enough.


    there is a girl i know who weighs 103 pounds
    with twig-like sticks for arms and knobby knees
    and you can see the frame of her shoulders
    too easily.
    anxiety flourishes in her senses,
    barricading her, suffocating her,
    mashing all of her fears into one.
    it doesn’t matter that she can’t
    determine why she’s afraid.
    all that matters is that she is.
    with a fork for a sword and the plate her
    battlefield, she surrenders to another
    plague of hopelessness.

    i guess she wasn’t strong enough.


    there is a boy i didn’t know
    i’ve only seen his picture in my history textbook
    whose face reflects innocence in
    the uninnocence of war.
    his eyes downcast in defeat
    surrounded by American soldier guards.

    i guess he wasn’t strong enough.


    what is bravery, really?
    sometimes i question the context
    it is used in. i don’t know
    if i trust it to be an umbrella term
    but i don’t know if i trust it to not be one.
    is it only in war;
    is it only in faith;
    is it only in the everyday struggles;
    where o where does our bravery reside?
    In the screech of an eagle, whose talons
    snatch at the fish below,
    whose eyes are threatening
    and sharp?
    In the breast of a soldier, a boy of 14
    thrown into a reality so far past the gone?

    where does courage deserve to be real?


    i reflect my life, and my “battles.”
    they don’t always thrive outside of us–
    us versus opponents of another kind.
    battles can occupy the very heart of
    yourself. and strength doesn’t
    come from the muscles of your arms
    and legs, or the ability to cast away
    your emotions.
    you don’t lack strength if what you try to
    produce does not grow at first.
    it comes from the effort you make to defeat
    the very thing crushing you right now.

    There are no limes but beautiful foliage thrives.
    She can’t lift 5 pound weights but she ate today.
    He was but a child yet he felt he was called to duty.

    the reflection of strength–
    it doesn’t just live in that eagle
    it doesn’t just reside in a soldier
    it doesn’t function in one person only.

    that is the beauty of strength.
    it can from anywhere and leave anyone.


    It is but your mind that delivers the strength you require
    and in that mind there is God.
    and in God there is pure strength alone.

    (didn’t use the prompt)

  6. I am not ready
    I tell Mother this, but she will not listen
    Father has threatened to push me out
    They will not feed me till I accomplish the impossible
    Mother is perched on a branch
    Much, much lower than our nest
    A worm squirms inside her beak
    My stomach leads me forward three steps,
    My eyes fixed on the worm
    So I don’t see that I’ve met the edge
    My foot finds the air
    My balance is lost
    I tumble downward, shrieking all the way
    My small wings flap wildly on instinct
    And it’s true, my fall slows
    But it’s still a fall
    I crash softly against the leafy ground,
    I look up, unharmed, and meet Mother’s eyes
    They tell me all I need to know
    Time for try two

  7. Spread your wings and fly,
    little bird, don’t hesitate.
    Don’t squander your chance.

  8. (Added more to my previous haiku)

    Spread your wings and fly,
    Little bird, don’t hesitate.
    Don’t squander your chance.

    This is your moment,
    little bird, where is your voice?
    Sing, before you can’t.

    fly by quickly, but are there.
    Grab them, little bird.

  9. Did the one on a super power and used a real power.
    I never understood it.
    I knew I was different.
    I never knew why.
    I looked different.
    But then he pulled me aside.
    “You are different.”
    I don’t understand.
    “You have a magnificent power.”
    A super power?
    Like a hero?
    “Even better.”
    What’s better?
    “You have the power,
    The ability to respect your elders,
    To not make a fool of yourself.
    And that’s all you ever need.”

  10. Alicia-Juliet

    Bittersweet beginning fold,
    yellow, red and gold.
    Whirling round, the falling leaves,
    summer’s gone this eve.

    White bare feet, and steps so light,
    dancing in this night.
    Farewell to the seasons old,
    tenderness I hold.

    Alone I am, spinning round,
    feeling music sound.
    Full moon’s light filling me,
    with dreams of what could be.

    When will my first dance be,
    with someone deer to me?
    I look for answers in the moon,
    but silent is the gloom.

  11. This prompt really struck me, and this poem needed to be written. I haven’t really told anyone aside from Mrs. Emery why I’ve been so absent from club. In November my best friend passed away, and it’s been extremely hard on me. This poem is emotional for me, because her death truly changed me and her funeral was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Sorry this got depressing, but I wanted to explain….

    I went in expecting a joke,
    You’d pop up out of your coffin
    And tell us you were still here
    That you weren’t really leaving.

    I came in and saw you in your cheer-leading uniform,
    Your face was pale and set.
    You looked inhuman…
    You looked lifeless.

    So many tears are shed.
    So many lost goodbyes.
    How am I supposed to say sorry to you?
    How can I say, “Goodbye, Best Friend”?

    You were always so vibrant,
    So full of life, and loved.
    Your laugh was contagious —
    Will I really never hear it again?

    I stood beside your casket,
    Pleading with you to come back.
    How am I supposed to live without you?
    Can I possibly go on?

    Your mother is there beside me,
    Telling me you loved me.
    Best Friend, why does it feel like a lie?
    If you loved me, You’d have stayed by my side.

    I have no more tears left,
    They’re sealing your tomb.
    I have to say goodbye now —
    I guess I never realized just how sad Goodbyes are.

    • Katerina,
      This is really lovely. Thank so much for sharing with everyone and it’s so nice to see you on the blog. 🙂

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