#MicroPoetry Contest!

MicroPoetry is a poem that is 140 characters or less. (Note that characters are different than words. 140 characters fits in a tweet or text message.)

• Each entry must consist of a poem that is 140 characters or less. One poem per person.
• Poems must be school appropriate.
• Voting will be anonymous.
• Poems are due by April 21. You can email your entries to Mrs. Emery
• Voting begins April 22.

Below are some examples of MicroPoetry.
Suzanne Murray ‏
Wind touches my face
a lover’s gentle caress
trees feel the same hand.

Julia Doria
Nobody said anything.
That’s how things go down.

Pierre Mhanna
Eight to five job…
the bird at my window
teasing with his smile

Mike Rehling ‏
outside the zoo
a family of refugees
feed the pigeons

Therese Sellers
While you were away,
the magnolias bloomed, froze, died.
How was Italy?

I can’t wait to read everyone’s micropoems!


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