Today’s prompt:

Write two stanzas of any style of poetry on the subject of loneliness

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  1. Loneliness

    There is a void within me,
    Expanding and darkening,
    Consuming my spirit
    I pour alcohol into the void
    I throw drugs into the void
    I remarry
    I think life is not worth living
    The void only grows.
    Misery is my best friend

    There is a void within me,
    Shrinking and lightening,
    Releasing my spirit.
    I pour kindness into the void
    I pour knowledge into the void
    I pour compassion into the void
    I pour self-love into the void
    The void only shrinks
    I am my best friend.

    • Jessica Burns

      I enjoyed reading your stanzas! It shows how our own personal voids can have a positive and negative affect in our lives.

  2. Gabby Dantuma

    Mr. Cobain had it right,
    when he said his friends were in his head.
    All my friends are out of sight,
    and I now find it hard to lay in bed.
    I would love to tell you,
    that I miss what we had,
    but I know you wouldn’t feel blue,
    when you tell me you’ve been so glad.

    Everyone seems so happy,
    now that I’ve gone away.
    For me, most days are crappy,
    and I’ve ran out of apologies to say.
    I didn’t know why when I talked,
    no body wanted me near,
    and now I’m not shocked,
    because now I’m all I hear.

  3. Deep inside
    Is where I live
    My heart is without a home
    With only loneliness for company

    Shadows encircle me
    The wind whispering my defeat
    Leaving me cold and dry,

    The glasses on my face
    They block out the sun
    They hide my eyes from the Light
    Holding me in the darkness

    And it matters not where I am
    Who I am beside
    For I never belong
    And can never reside

    The night pours in
    The stars grow dark
    And the only thing I have left
    Is my ever-present companion


  4. Dear child, you say you’re all alone
    That you’ve been abandoned by all
    That no one is by your side
    But now on your knees, you look to the sky

    Oh precious child, I would never leave you
    I’ve been walking at your side
    And when you could no longer walk on your own
    I carried you in My arms, when you thought you were alone

  5. – Poem of the day, following no prompt

    I’ve lived most of my life in this place,
    Somewhat solitude, somewhat not.
    I like the bubble I’m in.
    Though sometimes I will ask,
    If it will burst open,
    To allow me,
    To breath free,
    To breath,

  6. Lonely, so lonely am I,
    so broken, so broken inside.

    Once, my spirit was free, so free
    but now, so lonely am I.

    The peacefulness of solitude is gone,
    replaced with an indefinite emptiness.

    Am I forever to be plagued
    by this vague, vague sense of loneliness?

    By the lingering silence
    my soul cries out, so lonely am I!

    In this desolate emptiness,
    my desperate voice is calling.

    It is here on my knees,
    does He hear me.

    It is here on my knees,
    does He comfort me.

    It is here on my knees,
    the emptiness is filled.

    It is here as I cry,
    so lonely, so lonely am I.

    So forsaken, so forsaken, am I?
    So abandoned, so abandoned am I?

    It is here that I feel His presence.

  7. (OK I did kind of include the theme of loneliness in here, however I didn’t follow the prompt)

    bruised knees and scraped elbows,
    c u t u p ankles and
    mud-caked hands,
    eyes peeking under slashes of dirt,
    soil entangled in grimy hair.

    Now it’s tensed shoulders and bony arms

    and wired frames and slouching spines.

    lifeless eyes peeking under longer bangs

    a mask of hair and biting lips.

    the future breathes down each one’s neck
    gripping a pencil to recall the facts–
    but the facts have
    disappeared from your
    tapping fingers
    because you
    let them run away.

    conformity becomes material for the story penned;
    an unclaimed fear the unwanted tenant, your mind
    the distracted landlord.

    biggest horrors go from:

    spiders to misbehavior marks to Fs to last one picked to the only girl at the table to the only one who cares about this book to bullies and disparaging glares, to no party invites, to gossip and then to the aching pain of rejection

    to being lied to.
    to being cast aside.

    aging leads to the expansion of knowledge
    but it can also result in decomposition of the spirit~

    bruised hearts and c u t u p smiles

    my, look at the time.

  8. Alicia-Juliet


    I was one of them before,
    without me they have fun for sure,
    What is now for me left?
    Only a growing cleft.

    There they’re laughing, talking loud.
    In me loneliness is found,
    on outside I am not alone,
    but inside there is none.

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