Today’s prompt:

Write a poem about being at the bottom of the ocean.

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. Down here, all is dark
    Solitude stays at my side
    No one can be seen

    I glide through water
    As those around flee quickly
    My rows of teeth show

    I begin the chase
    And they have reason to fear,
    I am the Great White

  2. I’m surrounded by depths I thought would hold fairy-tales.
    Though my only hope of a happy ending lie,
    In the billowing bubbles escaping my mouth.
    The darkness here doesn’t swallow you like the abyss,
    rather it leaves you to feel wafted through heavy air;
    Seeing nothing but a deep romantic blue.

    I’m entranced by the emptiness of being so low,
    Its seems not all depths carry valuable secrets.

  3. Such a cool prompt! I didn’t do unfortunately

    Softer grows your voice
    a decrescendo that drops off the cliff

    and is caught by a sudden grip in your throat;

    coughing to clear the falter

    you continue.

    I’m patient with your stumbling, your words playing hide and seek

    I am already aware of the underlying truth, it is

    evident, screaming in the signs growing more obvious.

    Softer grows your ignorance
    you continue.
    The difficulty to conceal the hurt escalates

    as you glance sideways and assume

    I am stupid.

    I don’t realize.

    I’ll never find out.

    if i never knew then, why would i know now?

    pride overwhelms and grapples for the wheel.

    so you punctuate the softness with a loud slap:

    you turn on your heel and leave me in the dust.

  4. The waterline is a border.
    I am captured beneath
    The undulating barrier, where
    The sun glitters on the salty, free

    I am a rock, hard and unyielding
    Like a clam on the shore hiding
    His pearl. I relax my limbs as I sink
    Into the deep, blue stillness. The further
    I go, the harder I am to find.

    The pressure consumes me, shoving
    Against my chest in all directions.
    My heart still finds a way to beat.
    My back stops on the sandy floor, my palms
    Grasp the grainy shards. I let all my breath go
    At the top of the world. And yet I still find a way
    To live.

  5. The unwavering silence
    is deafening to my ears.
    Fins and scales of creatures unheard of
    brush against my skin.
    Obscured darkness is all my eyes can see, open or closed.
    Nevertheless, the saltwater creeps past my eyelids and sets my face on fire,
    but I don’t care because I’m at the bottom of these murky depths.

    No one can find me here.

  6. Sweeping Past My Head Above

    Surrounding sand protects me,
    I know I wont be caught.
    I know that they wont see me,
    they who against me fought.

    Here they come, I see them now,
    lay still don’t let them find.
    Scanning, smelling, sensing down
    It’s true they aren’t blind.

    Sea so peaceful, sea so calm
    but hunters still are here.
    Waves are making, corals waving,
    warning for a fear.

    Suddenly the peace is ruined,
    and scanning smelling too.
    The ground below starts shaking hard.
    What now, what should I do?

    Oh no, what is that black ahead,
    creeping towards me.
    A monster huge, with mouth so big,
    lay still don’t let it see.

    Sweeping past my head above,
    with fish filling it’s gut.
    I hear their voices, yelling, screaming,
    my help they cannot get.

    Away a monster harsh and cruel,
    in darkness disappear.
    In darkness is now ever gone,
    both family and peers.

    Now it’s all empty, it’s all gone.
    Why here? Where is my home?
    My friends and family so dear,
    they’re all forever gone.

    I know that it is really sad and scary, but it is the reality for many animals on the bottom of the Bering sea. When more and more ice is melting in the Arctic, new fishing areas are exploited. Fishing areas that are “perfect” for bottom trawling, which for these innocent animals is a cruel monster. When killing these small shrimps and flat fish (the animal in this story) the whole ecosystem is disrupted. It has to come to an end!

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