I Am No Poet. by Rosalind

   I am no poet. This is at least what I’ve always thought. I always have been a novelist, a short story addict, and a novella lover till the end. I’ve tried my hand at screen writing and non fiction – but poetry – oh no. I am no poet. 

   That’s not to say I find the genre of writing unpleasant, in fact I love poetry,  I just don’t love to write it. When it comes to months such as NaPoWriMo, I can do nothing but appreciate the members of the project. Poetry is the music of a writers world, it is a lyrical genius that should be prized in the hands of every reader and creator. 

   Many greats have done it so well, and many novice beginners have gotten their start in the very art of making magic with the poet in their hearts and minds. I am no poet, but I know many that are, and these people in my life add a spark like no other. 

   I am no poet, and there have been times when I’ve wanted to be, but in the end I marvel those who choose to be. I am grateful for those that do. I am no poet, but for those of you who are, thank you. 


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  1. I love this passage! I like how you acknowledge the fact that poetry isn’t for you, while still praising those who do enjoy poetry! Awesome job!

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