Writing Prompt!

From Cheyenne: Your character is an astronaut tasked with studying black holes. Technology has allowed them to travel safely into a black hole. Write a monologue detailing what they see.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “What do you see?”
    What do I see? That’s a complex question.
    The more I look, the more the absence of color I “see”.
    I cannot fathom the abyss I’m plunging into.
    I could be comedic, I could say “Well, it’s pitch black”
    But I am more than a remark of comedy.
    I may sound a bit dark right now,
    Mainly because I’m not sure I trust the scientists who created this machine,
    or that I’m completely surrounded by nothing except a pit that wants to consume everything.
    Maybe, I’m overthinking it.
    Maybe I should just kick back and enjoy the ride.
    I am the first after all to enter a black hole.
    Who knows?
    For all I know, black holes are actually portals to other dimensions?
    And the creatures on the other side were waiting for us to come up with the technology to visit.
    It could be a figment of my imagination.
    A hope for something other than the likely outcome of this.
    I guess I just have to wait and see.

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