Writing Prompt!

From Rosalind: Write a scene from the point of view of a penny.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Maybe the life of a penny appeals boring to you. Agonizing, even, if you don’t like the thought of never being able to move and never being able to speak.
    But, really, if it’s the only life you’ve ever lived, what other life would you know?
    Anyhow, whether you look at it boring or not, I find it incredibly fascinating. No one knows the faces I’ve seen, the fingers I’ve touched, the places I’ve been. No one knows how far I’ve traveled, and no one knows quite the same thrill of exhilaration I feel everytime a new finger brushes against my ancient surface.
    I’ve been thrown, tossed about, thrust into a mouth by pudgy little fingers, flicked into water fountains, picked up from the sidewalk, you name it. I’ve been there and done that.
    I’ve watched people cry. I’ve watched them laugh. I’ve watched them get angry and yell at one another. I’ve watched them crumble to the floor in silent sobs. But then I’ve seen their smiles, their embraces, those tiny important moments they seem to forget. I don’t forget though.
    Those smiles and those laughs are the one reason I sometimes wish I was something other than a penny. But only then.
    Because those moments are priceless. Sometimes I wonder if the humans realize that.

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