Writing Prompt!

From Rosalind: Your character is scrambling to find a last minute Mother’s Day gift.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. I race down the aisles, looking left and right. Nothing catches my eye; nothing is good enough for my mother. Eventually, I stop running and catch my breath. I am sweating and my heart is racing. Many people give me strange looks as they pass by. I smile at them and say, “I’m looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift.” Some of them nod their heads as if they understand while others recommend gifts that they believe would be suitable. I thank them for their recommendations, but internally, I think that those gifts they recommend are not good enough for my mother.

    Finally, feeling defeated, I head back home. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, yet I have not found the perfect gift for my mother. I was released from a hospital yesterday, so I only have today to find her a gift. I decided to take a break from searching for a gift for my mother and watch a movie. While sorting through my DVD collection, I came across an old video of my mother and me in the backyard of one of our former homes. I put the tape into the DVD player and sat on the living room couch. I grinned from ear to ear as I watched my mother push me on the swing.

    “Higher mommy. Higher!” I shouted.

    My mother chuckled and pushed me with more force. I was now laughing as I flew in the air. When the video ended, I took out the DVD and smiled to myself. The perfect Mother’s Day gift was with me all along.

  2. Deciding which kind of item to place next to all the gifts was always a tricky one; here I stand between a vendor selling balloons, and a shop selling flowers. Of course there’s a gaggle of people swarming to buy pretentious dyed flowers for their mother who they only choose to give recognition on a holiday. The balloon stand isn’t quite as busy; maybe colorful air-filled punching bags don’t scream, “You’re a great mother!” It’s always a tough decision when it comes to my mother because her gifts are always colored coordinated with whatever ensemble we put next to it. There’s some gorgeous cherry red balloons to my left -that I swear are so clean they glisten like actual cherries- and there’s white daffodils with dyed crimson red centers to my right. The presents this year are wrapped in white wrapping paper that has a slight shimmer to it, like the way lip-gloss picks up every light angle in the room; and the cards this year have red envelopes -mom has always been a fan of red. I believe the real question is, do I really want to risk shoving balloons in my car and ruining that perfect glisten and potentially have one make a ghastly pop as I drive home, or do I settle for the cliche dyed flowers that match both colors this year? Crap, next year is green themed, and the first plant I think of is a cactus; pretentious flowers now, and no plants next year.

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