Writing Prompt!

Last writing prompt of the year!

From Natalie: Write for 10 minutes being sure to include the following words: indescribable, valuable, soft, vicious, and musical.

Post your piece to comments!


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  1. The face of rudimentary drive
    Indescribable, sun-tucked,
    glazed cheeks, soft as rubies
    (tough as the ocean wave’s persistence).
    The eyes are vicious, glancing threats at the moon; a ransom for goodnight,
    The revelations of a sunrise.
    In the morning, truth is fed to wolves,
    Worthless valuables to society,
    digested by feral lambs.

    Universal stage, a musical’s rehearsed,
    Artificial starlight presents ambition,
    The sons of perdition listen,
    Wisdom’s warning’s hushed.

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