Writing Prompt!

Prompt: Write a story where a character denies everything when confronted.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. Yes! The prompts are beginning again!!

    Margaret quickened her pace when she heard the last morning bell call its shrieks across campus. She winced momentarily–how she hated that noise! It meant, unfortunately, she was late for class again. Gripping the straps that dangled from her backpack, she turned her fast walk into a jog, only slowing down to slink past administrators who were making the rounds to their classes. The girl finally made it to her first-period class, her heart beating as anxiety spiked. Holding her breath, she peered into the small crosshatched window. Mrs. Wembly was already collecting homework from last Friday. “Dang it!” she thought, hesitating to open the door. Mrs. Wembly always had strict rules regarding tardiness–and having already been late three times in the last week, Margaret would have rather liked to avoid her wrath. But what choice did she have?
    Gently opening the door a crack, Margaret peered in while biting the inside of her cheeks. Having heard the door opened, Mrs. Wembly cut off her announcements to turn in Margaret’s direction.
    “Margaret!” Mrs. Wembly said, letting the last syllable of her name end with a sarcastic tinge. “You’re here to join us, I see.”
    “Yep,” Margaret said cautiously.
    “Why were you late this time.”

    Something suddenly began to transform inside Margaret.

    “I wasn’t late, what do you mean?” Margaret ventured, sliding in so she was fully inside the classroom. She saw Mrs. Wembly’s thinly colored eyebrows shoot up into spiky arches.
    “Excuse me? The final bell rang a few minutes before you walked through this door. Yes, you were.”

    “Um, no I wasn’t.”
    A few snickers were exchanged between students.

    Mrs. Wembly, shocked at the audaciousness of this young student, planted her hands on her hips. “I daresay you WERE late. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but you can take it up with the principal.”

    “I swear, I wasn’t. I just walked in, maybe you thought you heard the bell ring?” Margaret had no explanation for her behavior. Although she was getting tired of getting in trouble. She couldn’t help that she was constantly late for class. Her mother took too long to get out the door to drive her, and she couldn’t very well walk. She was sick of getting the punishment when she didn’t commit the crime.

    At the office, Principal McGee scanned Margaret up and down, a concerned look in her eye. “Margaret, why did you lie to Mrs. Wembly about being tardy? Why couldn’t you have just told her you were late, it’s not a big deal.”

    Margaret shook her head. “I didn’t lie to her, Mrs. McGee. I wasn’t late for class, I walked in just before the bell rang, I swear it.”

    “Actually we have security footage of you arriving at the class door after the bell rang.” Margaret held her gaze, not wavering a bit. Mrs. McGee sighed, trying to suppress her impatience with Margaret. ‘I do NOT have time for this,’ she thought. “Would you like to see the video?”

    Watching the footage, Margaret shook her head. “That’s not me.”
    “It is you, this girl is wearing the exact same clothes as you, walking to the exact same class as you were heading to.”
    “Uhh, no that’s not me, though. Because I arrived before the bell rang. This girl didn’t.”

    Mrs. McGee stared at Margaret, confusion completely gripping hold of her. What motive did this girl have to blatantly lie to her superior? What did she possibly think she do–get away with this? It was just arriving late to school, what was the purpose of denying it?

    This was going to be a long and very strange day.

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