Writing Prompt!

Prompt: Start your piece with: “Tell me again why I used to like this?”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. “Tell me again why I used to like this?”

    Arthur laughed, the sound tinkling as pleasantly as a spear being skewered into Will’s ears. Though to be fair, only Will’s ears.

    “What, Willy,” the blond turned to him in amusement, “can’t dredge up any child-like joy?”

    “Not when I’m dripping with sweat.” Arthur, used to his best friend’s bluntness, only gave him a sympathetic smile.

    “The trek never used to bother you when we were kids.” “That’s because I hadn’t grown up yet.” Arthur started up again. Will glared half-heartedly at his shaking back. “Wait,” Arthur cut himself off mid-laugh. He pointed at an area of the hill with a maple tree and a better view, “that spot’s much better. Let’s set it up there.”

    Once Arthur set up the telescope (“Is that the same telescope from ten years ago?” “Yep!”) and Will spread out the curtain (“Will, why’re you taking down the curtain?” “This will be our blanket.” “Can’t we buy—” “We’re college students.” “Oh, right.”), the two sat down.

    Arthur was the first to speak. “It’s been long since we’ve star-gazed, huh?”

    The brunet didn’t reply, but agreed wholeheartedly. With everything they’ve gone through these past few years, he wished he had done this more as a kid. He’d cherish it better that way.

    They gazed up at the sky in comfortable silence. It was a dusty blue, the beginning sign of a sunset.

    Arthur turned to Will. “I don’t think we should’ve come so early.” “Yeah.”

    The two stared at each other for a second before slowly dissolving into unmanly giggle fits. “God,” Will breathed out, face red from the absurdity of it all, “we’re on a hill, miles away from our dorms, with no electronics whatsoever. Should we go somewhere?” “I’d actually rather stay; seeing the sun set is kind of like a bonus. You?” Will smiled and nodded.

    So there they stayed, chatting and joking about whatever they could think of, making new memories in old places. And when Will looks back to these moments, he concludes that he did dredge up some child-like joy after all.

  2. “Tell me again why I used to like this?” Carter had been recovering from amnesia but even this seemed out of character for past- her. She grumbled, when she had woken up this morning she hadn’t imagined that she would be at a lake with her old “new” friend Kai attempting to skip rocks.
    Kai laughed “I know you hate it but you used to love it, you would drag me out here all the time with the hopes that you could someday beat me at my own game”, He puffed out his chest and attempted to toss the little round stone he had been holding into the air but instead of catching it, it hit him square in the face.
    “Ow ow OW! God, that hurt! Hey! Don’t laugh I’ll still beat you!” He tentatively rubbed his forehead, wincing slightly as a bruise began to form.

    She looked unimpressed, “Really?”

    “Of course! Or are you scared I’ll win?”

    Oh now it was ON! “First one to skip it fifteen feet across the lake wins!”

    They raced to find rocks, quickly making neat little piles next to them so they wouldn’t have to waste precious time of their little completion looking for more rocks.

    They continued to skip rocks for the rest of the evening, not realizing that the Sun was beginning to set until Kai had to go searching for more stones because, in an attempt to impress Carter with his skills, had quickly run through all of his rocks.

    He swaggered over to her, a bright grin on his face, “Well, look who has a new hobby.”
    Carter looked up at him, now realizing how invested she had become in the competition and smiled.

    “Thanks Kai, for… showing this to me. But now you have to promise to come down here everdyday with me to practice!”

    He smiled in return “I don’t know about every day, but I’ll see what I can do.”

    Without warning she hugged him and whispered, “Thank you Kai, for everything.”

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